Lefties Unite!

I received a very nice surprise recently in the form of a gift from my brother and his wife following their visit here during which I was heard to rant about how hard it can be each day for the lefties of the world. Every single design is engineered for right handed use, not surprisingly as this is the majority of the population.  Only an estimated 10% of us are lucky enough to be left handed.

And it’s OK.  I am left handed but learned to do many everyday tasks with my right hand with tools made for right handed people: scissors, measuring cups, can openers, even brooms to some extent. Even those “statement ” coffee mugs are backwards for lefties…wise words of wisdom facing the wrong way in a left hander’s grasp. Mostly it’s OK but some thing still trip me up after all these years. Measuring cups are high on that list. I know some of you are wondering “How can you do measuring cup wrong??” Try it. Put that cup in your left and and take a look at the measures. Thank you.

Anyhow, my angst was acknowledged in their gifting of a number of items from The Left Hand Store. What a treat the oven mitt, the kitchen tools and the measuring cup especially are!!! Mostly, thank you for acknowledging the issues…….. so here’s a shout out to Lori and Chris and left handers out there (FOB Paula Ryan O’Brien and neighbor Rick)! Can I get an “Amen”?

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