Do yourself a favor and get the damn flu shot!

Kate has been struggling with brutal pain and chills for two days now.  It may or may not have been able to have been avoided if she got her flu shot.  Credible studies show that having the flu shot will greatly reduce your chances of getting the flu.

This is reportedly one of the worst flu seasons we’ve had in a while.

It took me all of ten minutes for me to get one today at Walgreens downtown.  It cost me a grand total of zero dollars.  I should have got it back in October but I blew it off.

Maybe it’s too late for me.  Maybe it will help if I do get the flu to shorten it.

One thing I do know is after looking at how miserable Kate is and how much suffering she’s going through, it reinforces how dumb it is to not take the ten minutes out of one’s day to get whatever help you can get in avoiding or minimizing the risks associated with it.

Go get it done.

Cost=Zero.  Potential to save a week or more of miserable physical conditions= priceless.


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