Life on the marsh –

The Marsh Hawk (Northern Harrier) sitting in the grass off in the distance, was holding captive a bunny.

The bunny was staying still and the hawk was, surprisingly, not attempting to capture the rabbit. Perhaps because avian predators, like hawks, hunt by swooping in, and in a short distance stand-off, the hawk would have to sort of hop over to the bunny. Rabbits can hop to escape a great deal quicker than can hawks-on-foot give chase.

The Short-eared Owl arrives and the Marsh Hawk takes cover.

The Snowy Owl appears on the scene…

and the Short-eared Owls are nowhere to be seen.

The Bald Eagle, Ruler of Marsh and Meadow, swoops in. The Snowy departs.



St Joseph’s Novena Podcast Live From Sista Felicia’s Starting at 12:45PM 1/20/20

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-pasta day & Pasta
-Our Handmade bread Altar standing 10’ tall
-Moving altar to american legion hall & reasons why
-this year schedule of events
-3 Priest from Bishop Fenwick high school &Carmelite Northshore
– Confirmation students will be involved this year
-weekend days rosary is held in morning to make it easier for the elderly to attend
-elevator Assessable

Star Wars 42 Years Later

In 1977 when the first Star Wars movie was released (The New Hope, Episode 4), I was a college student in upstate New York.  It was a story of good triumphing over evil, heroic deeds and hope and I LOVED it. I took myself to the movie theater to watch that movie several times, no small feat for a poor college student even at drastically reduced student rates. I see clearly now that it filled a hole of some sort in my young adulthood. I cheered and cried and was filled with courage every time I watched it. It marked my passage into adulthood.

I have watched each of the following episodes but none with the same passion as that first one. I watched some of the spin offs, mostly with “eh” conclusions. I introduced them to my children. My son really enjoys them, even today we watch them over again together.

Recently, of course, the “final” episode was released and off we went to see it at the IMAX with Joey one rainy afternoon. The IMAX experience, surround sound, seat bumping theatrics certainly added to the experience but I found myself cheering and teary eyed and remembering what it felt like to be 21 years old again. It was another story of good triumphing over evil, heroic deeds and hope. I LOVED it and will plan to see it again with my son. I immediately recognized that the Star Wars franchise has ushered me through adulthood. We are now retired and getting senior discounts and the franchise’s last episode is on the big screen.

Maybe you have something similar in your life that marks beginnings, endings or new phases. If so, I’d love to hear about it. May the force be with you. (You knew that was coming, right?)

Thomas P. Burns Obituary and Celebration of Life Information


Thomas P. Burns, 78, of Gloucester, passed away unexpectedly at his home on January 9, 2020. He was born in Gloucester on January 16, 1941 and was the son of the late William Burns and Tina Santapaula.
From a very early age Tommy had a passion for working on cars and became a talented mechanic. He worked for North Shore Plymouth during the muscle car era of the 60’s. Tommy loved those cars and loved racing them as well. He quickly gained the respect of his fellow street racers. It was a great time in his life and he had many stories from those days. After his years as a mechanic, Tommy headed South to help build the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and worked on a tugboat alongside his Uncle “Shorty”. He brought his Plymouth Road Runner with him and continued to drag race with the kids in Virginia while he was there. Tommy always loved the ocean and loved lobstering. He was especially proud of his 42’ Bruno lobster boat the “Arethusa”. He was the first one in town with a boat like that, earning him the nickname “Father Bruno”. He was very knowledgeable about old ships and schooners and Captained the 150’ schooner “Pilot” in the early 90’s and loved to take people for rides during storms. Tommy kept lobstering for the rest of his life with his son Cody by his side for many years. He would often help out his fisherman friends in need of a good mechanic. When Tommy wasn’t lobstering he liked to hang around at Capt. Joes and with his best friends, Harrison Golden, Dave Williams, Lebaron Hazen and Dave Goeteman. He also loved going to Todd’s farm on Sundays. At home in his older years, Tommy liked to work on his collection of outboard motors. He also enjoyed watching classic movies and listening to oldies music. Some of his favorites were Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.
Tommy will be greatly missed by all those who knew him. He is survived by his sons Sean and Cody Burns and their mother Lindsay and her sister Leslie Parkhurst; his daughters Deborah and Denise Burns and their mother Gerry; his daughter Julia Heffernan of Portsmouth, England; his daughter-in-law Candice Pierce and his grandchildren Krystalyn Burns, Kamron Diaz; his sister Cheryl Graham of Florida and his cousin Jim Santapaula and his 2 sons Jimmy and Andy.
A Celebration of Life will be held at the Emerson Inn in Rockport on Thursday, January 23, 2020 from 5-7 p.m. Family and friends are cordially invited. Arrangements are by the Greely Funeral Home, 212 Washington St. Gloucester.

To send flowers to the family of Thomas P. Burns, please visit Tribute Store.