Open window

I noticed the open window because a bird hopped in. I didn’t stop to see what ensued but I was reminded about a GMG reader question: Who remembers Cher Ami and homing pigeons of Gloucester?

open window Puritan House_built by Tappan 1810_Gloucester Massachusetts_ Main & Washington Streets_photograph copyright © c ryan (5).jpg

There’s a 2nd  little pane missing on the Main Street side.


What’s in a name?

The 1810 brick building, Gloucester’s first, at the corner of 2 Main and 3 Washington Streets, now features Tonno Restaurant. The exterior has remained relatively unchanged since it was built in 1810 by Col. James Tappan. On the inside it’s been mixed use more often than not (various businesses, restaurants and lodgings). As a result it’s gone through a lot of rebranding: Puritan House, Tappan’s Hotel, Atlantic House, and Capt Bills are a few of the names associated with this historic structure. The Blackburn Tavern signs were added in 1978 for a restaurant.

Still Standing

The brick building at the other end of Main Street with Halibut Point Restaurant & Pub was Howard Blackburn’s actual tavern.

Howard Blackburn historic tavern_now Halibut Point Restaurant_20191231_Gloucester Mass. c ryan (1)

menu_Howard Blackburn historic tavern_now Halibut Point Restaurant_20191231_Gloucester Mass._ copyright c ryan

Fun fact: Col. Tappan taught young Daniel Webster.

Paint Factory From Janice LeBrun

Good morning!

I was doing some research on the old paint factory, trying to get more information on it, when I came across your website. Fascinating pictures and articles! So, a few years ago I was on a whale watch out of Gloucester, and coming into the harbor, I snapped the landscape that was breathtaking, one of those photos was the paint factory. I took that photo recently and digitally painted it, it has won several awards from around the world. I thought I would share it with you!

Thank you and now I am a fan of Good Morning Gloucester!

Janice LeBrun
Photographer/Digital Artist

SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR CAPE ANN IN 2020. Order a Cape Ann License Plate!

Because you stepped up and ordered a Cape Ann License Plate in 2019 you helped the Cape Ann Comminity Foundation to award grants totaling $15,000 to six Cape Ann area non-profits, Cape Ann Art Haven, The Sunrise Foundation, Education Foundation for Rockport, Generous Gardeners, Pathways for Children and Windhover Performing Arts Center. These grants helped to deliver art programs to low income elementary students, provide scholarships for addiction and sober living, a community observatory for Rockport, renovation of the Betty Smith Garden on Stacey Boulevard, enrichment activities for low income students at Pathways and the Windhover’s Mini Dance Festival. When you order a plate at the proceeds from the plate fund the Cape Ann Community Foundation, not only for the first year but every two years when you renew. By ordering a plate in 2020 you will help the Foundation make more grants that enrich the Cape Ann Community.

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Net Mending ClassesAvailable

We have 5 scheduled classes in Jan introduction to basic net mending for beginners are on Sat 18th ,Wed 22nd and Wed 29th. Net mending 2 is for more advanced knife work and are on Jan 23rd and 30th classes are being posted tonight and are first come first serve .Please visit our website to purchase tickets in advance or call 978 879 3577

2020: Celebrating the New Year and Expressing Gratitude … Gloucester-style

Cape Ann Wellness

New Year’s Day began with a ‘walk of good intentions.’ Blessed with sunshine and mild temperatures on Cape Ann, friends and strangers came together for a walk in Dogtown. We hiked to Whale’s jaw. A piece of the Whale’s jaw boulder broke off in 1989, but Whales Jaw still stands as it has for over ten thousand years. Standing as a reminder of strength, resiliency and endurance, and symbolic of Gloucester’s fishermen and women. There, we celebrated the new year with a guided meditation and sharing good intentions of gratitude, tolerance and peace. 

With Gratitude. Thank you to Jimmy and Laurel for extending their annual New Year’s walk to this community event, to Wendy for her soulful guided meditation, for the all those who came out for the walk and their positive energy, and to Laura, for the beautiful space to gather! One sentiment shared by the the group was the hope that…

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