In recent weeks, there have been more than a few reports of Dovekies and other seabirds found on our local beaches, both alive and dead. Friend Jeff Papows has found several dead birds and has returned one live Dovekie and one Common Murre.

Jeff knew just what to do with the stranded birds, which is to return them to the water. Jodi Swenson, from Cape Ann Wildlife, recommends this is best. She shares that seabirds do not do well in rehab. If on the other hand the bird appears sick or emaciated, then please call Tufts at (508) 839-7918.

Dovekies, like many seabirds, are clumsy on land, however they do nest on land, so we know they are able to walk. Then why are they stranding? It most commonly happens to young, inexperienced birds. But stranding can also happen in great numbers to exhausted adults after large storms. This influx is known as a wreck. One of the most tragic and dramatic wrecks occurred along the East Coast in 1932, when thousands of Dovekies literally “rained” from the sky.

Photos Jeff Papows

We’d like to get an understanding of how many seabirds are washing ashore. If you have seen a Dovekie, or other species of seabird, dead or alive on the beach this winter, please write and let us know when and where. Thank you so much.

Common Murres are more crow-sized whereas Dovekies are more similar in size to an American Robin

Dovekie front view

Dovekie side view

Common Murre, winter plumage. Photo courtesy wikicommons media

With a Little Help from My Friends

This precious little book caught my eye while scrolling through something the other day.¬† Illustrated by Henry Cole and written with the lyrics from John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s song, “With a Little Help from My Friends” this book is sure to depict some friendships that we are all thankful to have.

Celebrate friendship with this lyrical picture book that beautifully illustrates John Lennon and Paul McCartney‚Äôs world-renowned words from ‚ÄúWith a Little Help from My Friends.‚ÄĚ

I get by with a little help from my friends…

In this gorgeously illustrated picture book, the universally loved words to ‚ÄúWith a Little Help from My Friends‚ÄĚ come vividly to life, showing that sometimes, all you need is a little help from your friends!

You can purchase this book on Amazon here or, better yet, visit one of our local bookshops and see if they have it in stock.


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“Marathon ¬†Vikings” ¬†are ¬†climbing ¬†to ¬†support ¬†Massachsetts ¬†First ¬†Responders ¬†and ¬†their ¬†families~ ¬†January ¬†26th ¬†@ ¬†Boston ¬†Garden ¬†~ ¬†please ¬†help ¬†us ¬†Donate ¬†to ¬†our ¬†Men ¬†and ¬†Women ¬†who ¬†put ¬†their ¬†lives ¬†on ¬†the ¬†line ¬†each ¬†day ¬†to ¬†keep ¬†us ¬†safe!!

A story about former¬†GHS student Hector Rivera and his teacher Theresa Dannaher.

This article was on the Globe this weekend. It’s a story that would make any teacher proud.
It’s a story about one of our former¬†students, Hector Rivera, and his teacher Theresa Dannaher. Please read it. This is a¬†powerful story of student and teacher relationships and how we make a difference in our students’ lives. I hope you find it inspiring.
¬†Ôźā¬†Celestino Basile ¬†Ôźā
Gloucester High School
World Language Coordinator