GMG BTS (Behind The Scenes) Joey, Pat and Jimmy Wrote Up A GloucesterCast Memorandum For Our Guests

Sometime I think the readers like a sneak behind the curtain.

I think everyone reading this, being a guest or regular will make the podcast even better and won’t make us lose time explaining the process to the guests before every podcast as they will already have read it when they ask to come on.

Here’s what we came up with-

GloucesterCast notes and expectations to make the podcast the best it can be.

Mission statement:


Joe will welcome everyone to the podcast after music plays and introduce himself.

Joe will then ask each podcast member to introduce themselves – keep it to your name and funny comment. Should be no more than 5 seconds.

Joe will review and summarize the podcast topics, remind viewers how the podcast works and highlight anything unique to the weeks podcast.

Joe will drive the podcast agenda/discussion.

Do not say anything negative about a local business or city/national politics. We love everyone.

Please do not talk over the person that is speaking. Silence your phone. Limit sidebar conversations, they are very distracting and take away from the podcast.

Contributors – Submit topics prior to the taping (the earlier the better) so that Joey can compile the podcast topic. This will help the podcast start on time and avoid any “fire drills” Submit topics to Put In the GloucesterCast Topics in the subject line.

Guests- you will be given 8-10 minutes to pitch your product/story (just like Shark Tank). Focus on the Who, What, When, Where, Why. Email your marketing material/notes to Joey the night before so he include this information on the blog. Preferred formats – jpeg or web address. If you have any links to the event or whatever if you can send it the way you would like it posted Joey will add them to the show notes “copy and paste” style. So if you write anything, write it for the viewer, not Joey this should not be more than one or two sentences including the links where you’d like viewers to find your information in greater detail (website, facebook page). Use the following Email for all communication with Joey-

Stay positive, be relaxed. Think of the podcast as a fun/free flowing conversation between friends. Joey and his contributors will ask you questions to drive the discussion. Do not get bogged down in the minutia of really little details that people won’t likely remember.

Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to start time (at minimum). We usually have some food that our contributors or guests bring. It is highly appreciated when the guests bring something. You are welcome to eat something before the cameras start filming(half hour before is best). When we are done discussing your topic you can leave or you can stay for the entire podcast. If you need to leave, when appropriately stand up and excuse yourself (you don’t need to sneak out). If you decide to stay join in on the fun and feel free to participate/add value to the other podcast topics or guests.

If Joey has to leave the office for business reasons, the podcast/discussion will continue in his absence. One of his contributors will keep things moving.

The podcast is streamed live and recorded.

When the podcast starts, share the podcast links and live stream with your social media contacts.

Subscribe on iTunes here

If you leave a positive review on iTunes it helps with our placement as well

If you are an android user you can subscribe here-

Have your friends and family submit comments at this link when we are taping-

Promotional items are welcome and appreciate. The item/gift will be given to a listener the following week which will give us an opportunity to promote you/your product a second time.

Future contest/giveaway – each viewer that joins the live stream will be assigned a number. Our software will select a random number at the end of the live on the live podcast. This viewer will win the weekly gift.

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