Day 14 Not Eating Like An A$$hole. Improv At the Dock

The biggest problem I face now that I’ve gotten older and my metabolism has slowed is over eating out of boredom.  When not kept in check, if I’m sitting around and there’s a bag of nachos, that bag of nachos is going down without me even thinking about it.   Heading for a ride?  Stop off on the way and grab a couple of slices of pizza to carry me over til the next meal.

These are unnecessary.  I enjoy them, but they are unnecessary.

So the plan on my “Not eating like an a$$hole” diet has been to make sure the fridge is stocked with healthy alternatives when the hunger pang strikes.

Yesterday was one of those days when I couldn’t get away from the dock but I was prepared.

One of the go-tos has been Boars Head deli turkey that I’ll go to the fridge and take out a slice or two.  Very versatile. Also packets of tuna.

Around mid-day I was hungry.  Shredded up some sliced turkey, ripped up a couple of slices of bacon and mixed in some salsa.


Was it a masterpiece?  No, but it saved me from reaching for something that would have put me off track and it was tasty.

Being prepared and having some healthy options goes a long way to keeping on track.

Another move is when I’d normally go to the fridge to grab something to snack on, I pour myself a glass of water instead.

Down 5.5 lbs in 14 days.

The goal is 190.

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