Retiring after 50 years and closing award-winning jewelry store!

Selling entire shop contents all together or in parcels, including cases, props, lighting, etc. DIVA (Donna’s infinite Variety of Adornments) in Gloucester, MA, has been awarded as “Best” by the Boston Globe and with countless “Reader’s Choice” awards.

Donna Soodalter-Toman, the owner, has been a maker, designer, collector, buyer and seller for 50 years! She is also an appraiser and licensed auctioneer. This inventory is unmatched in terms of originality and saleability. Priced at keystone and slightly above, retail prices start at $10 and scale up to $30,000.

This unmatched inventory includes thousands and thousands of pieces from the late 1700’s to today in every metal, color and stone/gemstone, and for all genders.

Costume jewelry, for example, includes antique, vintage and contemporary pieces from names like; Chanel, Barkley, McClelland Barkley, Florenza, Lisner, YSL, Carnegie, Haskell, Hagler, Boucher, Roberta, Jomaz, Mazer, Trifari, Eisenberg, Schiaparelli, Bittar, Renoir, Matisse, KJL, DeLaRenta, Monies, Bonaz, Bengel, Diamonbar, Galiano, Lagerfeld, Prada, etc., plus countless collectible pieces in paste, Galalith, Bakelite, Lucite, celluloid, etc.

The collection of sterling silver is unmatched in size and piece. Antique, vintage and contemporary (mostly one-of-a-kind) pieces include makers like; NE From, David Anderson, Hull, Jensen, Hans Hansen, Coro, Trifari, DeTaxco, Aguilar, Kerr, Tiffany, Peruzzi, Coppini, Cini, Levin, Wiener, Shiebler, Robert Lee Morris, John Iverson, Linda Tesh, Betsy Fuller, Jayne Redman, Roberta and David Williamson, Bezak. Rebecca, F. Kite, Joseph Downs, Collen Denton, Romanik, Von Musulin, Judith Jack, John Hardy, Vitresse, David Yurman, Gabriella Kiss, DVA, Elyn Blake, Anne Besse Shepard, Wolf Doesch, Margaret Thurman (Echo of the Dreamer and Mars/Valentine), Eileen Sutton, Amy Kahn Russell, Tabra, Todd Reed, Linda Kindler Priest, Goudji, Lori Leonard, Sydney Lynch, Mar, Carol Webb, Carolyn Morris-Bach, Deborah Armstrong, Ford/Forlano, Nancy Kennedy, Biba Shutz, Elizabeth Garvin, Patty Walton, Urso, Naftali, Ray Tracey, Cavender, Girardi, Kristi Anderson, Kirstin Lora, Kristin Holeman, Judith Ripka, Magik-Fusager, Lagos, Rebecca Collins, Joan Dulles, Kiestlestein-Cord, Sebagg, Daus, Bigazzi, Messenger, Bayanihan, Sam Shaw, Terri Logan, Flying Anvil, Kabana, Hermes, etc., and a huge array of additional US, Scandanavian, Mexican, Italian, Other European and Native American pieces.

Antique, vintage and contemporary gold and platinum pieces, which cover Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern and contemporary time periods, are signed by makers like, DVA, Reinstein-Ross, Menagatti, Tiffany, Kabana, Chris Ploof, Esti’ Frederica, Konstantino, Andy Cooperman, Ripka, Yossi Harari, Charriol, Roberto Coin, George Sawyer, Paul Lantuch, Ross Coppleman, Homero, Sevan, Yvan Wolf, Asch-Grossbert, SOHO, La Novelle Baque, Gurhan, Rob Green, Todd Reed, Morelli, Marraccini, Omega, Concord, Hamilton, Gubelin, Tourneau, Chambers, etc. Many more are unsigned or signed by names unknown to Donna.

Would like to have contents sold by end of January, if possible, as the store will close at that time and everything remaining will be packed to move.

Please contact Donna with questions, requests for appointments, request for pictures, etc. She can be reached at 617-447-7527 or While merely representing a mere dent, a number of her pieces can be viewed on Facebook (DIVA), Instagram (Adornmentdiva) and on her website (

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