Gloucester Harbor Race

On Saturday the Gloucester Gig Rowers hosted their 11th Annual Harbor Race. Twenty-one crews, including Gigs, Whale Boats, Dorys and Singles competed on the 3.7 mile course. Clubs from Gloucester, Belfast Maine, Vergennes Vermont, New York City, Hull, Boston, Westport, New Bedford and more were represented.   


The Lifespan of a Fact

By Tom Hauck

August 2019, former vice-president Joe Biden, the Democratic front-runner for the 2020 presidential election, told a campaign rally audience a deeply moving story about how he had pinned a medal on the chest of a Navy captain who had valiantly tried to rescue a wounded comrade who had fallen to the bottom of a deep ravine. The soldier had died, and the Navy captain told Biden he didn’t want the medal. “He died,” the captain insisted. “He died!”

Reporters quickly discovered that most of the facts in Biden’s story were incorrect. The story seemed to be a mishmash of several events—a little from one, a little more from another.

When asked about these divergent facts, Biden replied, “(Details) matter in terms of whether you’re trying to mislead people. And I wasn’t trying to mislead anybody…. The fact is, the point I was trying to make, I’d make again. The valor and honor of these warriors are as significant as any warriors we’ve ever had in the history of the United States of America. That was my point.”

Watching the stunning regional premiere of “The Lifespan of a Fact” at the Gloucester Stage Company, the viewer cannot avoid thinking about the real-life implications of this brilliant new play. Written by Jeremy Kareken, David Murrell, and Gordon Farrell, and directed by Sam Weisman, this tightly constructed, no-nonsense story quickly takes off when hardboiled magazine editor Emily Penrose (Lindsay Crouse) asks intern fact checker Jim Fingal (Derek Speedy) to do a routine fact check on an essay submitted by star writer John D’agata (Mickey Solis). Trouble arrives when Fingal takes the job seriously and produces a long list of errors. While some of D’agata’s literary inventions are trivial, others appear to have real consequences.

With surprising integrity, the script offers each character the opportunity to sincerely defend their point of view. Like Joe Biden, D’agata insists his job is to convey the essence of the human drama, and individual details should be subservient to that purpose. Fingal is appalled that the writer is stubbornly cavalier about altering the building blocks of the story—the “facts.” Meanwhile, editor Penrose has a looming deadline, and she needs this important piece to be hammered into shape and sent to the printer.

The three actors are superb. Lindsay Crouse needs no introduction to Gloucester audiences, and her laser-focused performance confirms why during her career she’s earned a boatload of honors including an Academy Award nomination. Recent Harvard graduate Derek Speedy proves he’s got the right stuff for a successful career onstage, and Mickey Solis does an amazing job of playing along with the viewer’s initial assumption that he’s nothing but a pompous “artiste,” and then gradually revealing he’s got a good heart and really believes in the power of stories to transform lives.

Playing now through September 22, this poignant and darkly comic drama is both topical and timeless. Reserve your seats by calling 978-281-4433 or visiting

Love at The Magnolia Community Farmers’ Market

On September 15, 2019 was the Magnolia’s Community Farmers’ Market last Sunday of this season.  It was so much fun and successful.  On Sunday the Cape Ann Animal Aid brought a beautiful puppy named Dobby.  Love this photo of the love that puppies can bring.  This little girl was adopted to her forever home.

Trails and Sails

UPCOMING FREE ICEHOUSE TOURS for Essex National Heritage Area “Trails & Sails & Historic Tales”: both Saturday 9/21, & Saturday 9/28 from 11 am – noon

(our Bobbi Gibb Art – sculpture, murals, paintings – Open Studio & Exhibit upstairs in the ART@the Icehouse loft will also be open both days)

Visitors to Gloucester-197

Family from South Carolina at Mom’s Kitchen,and oldest daughter at Eastern Point, also Gentleman from Ecuador with his son-in-law on Main Street headed towards Lone gull. The family from South Carolina I met at breakfast at Mom’s and ran into the entire family again at Eastern Point, an absolute delightful family, great conversation.

At Beauport Hotel Join Us For Our Seniors At Sea Room Package!


Guest 60 years or older may take advantage of this special offer which includes: 10% off our best available rate, complimentary breakfast for two, VIP turndown service and a “Seniors at Sea” guide on local discounts and activities.


Valid for Monday – Thursday check ins 9/30 – 5/15
Please call 978.282.0008 to make your reservation today!

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Brilliant, funny, witty, inspired, visionary, and so much more to so many -you will be missed by your loved ones, friends, and fans. 

Weezer, Billy Idol, Bette Midler, The HoldSteady, and more artists pay tribute to Ric Okasek

Rhino Records compilation of their favorite Cars videos and live performances: The Cars Music Videos & Live Performances | RIP Ric Ocasek 1944-2019

Ric at Syncro Sound, Newbury Street

Heartbeat City directed by our friend Luis Aira

Billy Joel’s Gloucester Shout Out

I went to Fenway Park on Saturday night to see Billy Joel.  He opened the concert by saying how nice it was to be back in Boston… (it was his 6th time playing at Fenway and he is now the 1st official inductee into the Fenway Music Hall of Fame).  He then told the crowd that he had spent the two days prior up in Gloucester.   Did anyone happen to bump into him?   A bit later in the evening he talked about his time in Gloucester again and said that his time there always reminds him of “this song” …. and then sang “Downeaster Alexa.”  (video attached)

During a weekend when we lost two iconic musicians, it was really fantastic to hear him perform as strong as always.




BOBBI GIBB ART Open Studio at Cape Pond Ice’s ART @the ICEHOUSE

BOBBI GIBB ART – murals, sculpture, recent works

You are invited to attend an Open Studio and Art Sale event all of next month – September 14st – October.

This Exhibit showcases my sculptural works and latest explorations in abstract art & mixed media forms.

The event is in the “Loft Area” of the Cape Pond Ice Company located at 104 Commercial Street in Gloucester (Cool place, yes?).

To give you an idea of the type of work showcased during my event, link to my new CloudBoard Channel below


Please call, text or email me to make a special appointment at any time to join the fun at my Open Studio and Art Sale – Bobbi Gibb 978-273-1552 &

Cape Pond Ice Company loft”ART@the Icehouse”, 104 Commercial Street, The Fort, Gloucester MA.
Scott — Scott Memhard, PresidentCAPE POND ICE COMPANY, INC.aka Bresnahan Ice/United Party Rental, Lawrence & Peabody Icehouse104 Commercial Street, Fort WharfGloucester, MA 01930tel: 978-283-0174 FAX 978-283-3714 cell: 978-879-9394

Lunch at the Blue Marlin Grille

I stopped at the Blue Marlin Grille in Essex recently. I ordered a Reuben Sandwich and it was the best I’ve had lately! The corned beef was piled high and there was plenty of sauerkraut and dressing (sometimes these sandwiches can be kind of dry….not my preference). The cider margarita on the fall drink menu was a nice treat also. The restaurant was busy on this weekday afternoon and the atmosphere was pleasant. A nice little Byway stop.

GloucesterCast 357 with Chris McCarthy, Jim Dalpiaz, Nancy and Daniel Egger, Fran White, Tom Mannle, Heidi Dallin, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/015/19

GloucesterCast 357 with Chris McCarthy, Jim Dalpiaz, Nancy and Danielle Egger, Fran White, Tom Mannle, Heidi Dallin, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/015/19


When you subscribe you need to verify your email address so they know we’re not sending you spam and that you want to receive the podcast or GMG in your email.  So once you subscribe check your email for that verification. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder in your email acct so you can verify that you’d like to get them via email subscription.

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Topics Include:
Nancy and Danielle Egger New Owners Of Last Stop Variety
Chris brought coffee rolls from Mom’s kitchen
Jimmy brought chicken salad with cranberry from Donut Jim’s
My lobstermen have been asking for a Chris McCarthy lobster spreadsheet update
Chris McCarthy review’s A Lifespan of a Fact
Young Playwright’s Festival Tuesday At Gloucester Stage
Why is Heidi Dallin Not On Facebook?
Yeti Coolers are outrageously priced so why do I keep looking for them on sale?
Patriots vs Dolphins prediction vs the spread -18.5
Patriots- Joey, Fran White, Heidi, Nancy and Daniel Egger, Joey , Jim Dalpiaz, Kim Smith, Dolphins- Tom Mannle, Dolphins Moneyline Chris McCarthy +850
Why is Pat Dalpiaz driving a rental car?
Yella and Lobstaland Blackened Fish
Tom Mannle from Cape Ann Symphony
Chris McCarthy Red Underpants

Live Music: Olsen-Warsi Duo at Feather and Wedge Tuesday, September 17

Live Music: Olsen-Warsi Duo at Feather and Wedge


Join us for an evening with world class jazz musicians, Alex Olsen on keyboards and Sahil Warsi on bass. These accomplished Berklee grads will be performing selections from the Great American Song Book, modern jazz, contemporary blues and R&B. Don’t miss this incredible night of music. Reservations highly suggested. 978.999.5917

Tuesday, September 17
7 – 9:30 PM

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 10966


Cape Ann Community


C.A.S.O Newsletter

Gloucester based program, Cape Ann Special Olympics, providing athletic opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Our goal is to provide year- round sports training and athletic competition at no cost to the individuals. At the present time our program is offering soccer in the fall, basketball and bowling in the winter, aquatics and track and field in the spring, and bocce and softball in the summer. With program growth we hope to offer several other sports including golf, cycling, floor hockey, and flag football.


Special Olympics Massachusetts is a year round sports training and competition non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status.

We will accept financial contributions, checks can be made payable to Special Olympics Massachusetts with


Any individuals with intellectual disabilities interested in participating are welcome to join us. There is no age limit for athletes at Special Olympics.Children may begin practicing and competing with…

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