Hazel the dog sang with gusto at Cape Ann Reads library storytime! She inspired Mary Rhinelander’s charming picture book Why Does My Dog…?



Sawyer Free Library Children’s Services presented a fun family program featuring Mary Rhinelander for a weekly storytime with Christy.  Rhinelander read from her smart and funny new picture book, ‘Why does my dog…?” inspired by her lovable pet, Hazel, and fast facts about dogs. To everyone’s delight, her dog made an appearance and many new friends! 🙂🐾🐶

Hazel was so comfortable amidst all the bustle, she left us with a song when Rhinelander played a tune; a first time the dog shared her endearing talent in such a crowd. (And no treats were involved!) My battery died but there’s enough here to convey the joy:

Fine artist, Mary Rhinelander, works in a variety of media.  “Why does my dog sniff other dogs’ butts? (and other important questions),” is one of several picture books underway by Rhinelander as author & illustrator. Images below of original works and/or design in process © copyright Mary Rhinelander.


“Ever wondered “Why Does My Dog…”? Well I have! This picture book answers questions even adult readers ask themselves. Indeed, why DOES my dog chase her own tail? Dig holes in the back yard? Lick me all the time? These questions and many more are simply answered through a combination of words and humorous illustration.” – Mary 

SFL Flyer.jpg
Library flyer for special event 9/11/19 



Sunday, September 15, 2019 Last Magnolia Community Farmers’ Market

Exciting last day of the Magnolia Community Farmers’ Market. it has been a great season at The Magnolia Community Farmers’ Market.  Hope to see you all there.

Thank you for all your support this summer.

 Cape Ann Animal Aid will be there.  Fall in love with a puppy.  Free Raffle. Tony Frontiero will be playing live. 15 vendors including Marshall’s farm, breakwater roasters, dancing daisy bakery, Bonnie breads, eclectic clam, classic cooks, Ardizzoni Photography, Sharon Lowe. Great raffle items donated from all the vendors and a grand prize of a thanksgiving dinner for 6, delivered hot and ready!



Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute to Sequence another Blue Lobster


Ashley from GMGI gets another GMG Blue Lobster from Joey.

Translation: Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute will be sequencing the blue lobster and comparing it to a wild type lobster to find the genes that make it blue. We know why it is blue but we do not know all of the genes that control the changes in chemistry that make it blue.

Future: With all of the genes mapped we could apply CRISPR technology and make all Cape Ann lobsters blue. All we  need an insane scientist …

Allen’s Estes as Host tonight @ The Rhumb Line with a very special guest..legendary Stompers hard rockin’ star, the one and only Sal Baglio 7pm 9.11.2019

Your Guest Host: ALLEN ESTES!

photo: Sheila Roberts Orlando

Such a rare and special Wednesday at the Rhumb Line this
week! Let’s start with the amazing Allen Estes and all his
charm, experience and impeccable musicianship hosting
our event while I travel out of country. Add to that something
as rare as rare can be… a featured appearance as Allen’s
guest… legendary Stompers hard rockin’ star, the one and
only Sal Baglio. Oh, but do I so wish I could be there. But…
YOU can, you lucky people. Have fun! Be sure to let me
know how great it was! ~ Fly

Sal Baglio

Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……features Morgan Forsythe! Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
9/18 John Rockwell (Guest Host)

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

Poor Porbeagle

This porbeagle shark was hooked accidentally the other day.  As they got it closer to the boat it became obvious that the poor guy had a plastic strap cutting into its dorsal fin and around its body.  They said that it looked like a plastic box tie strap. While the crew hoped to get the shark close enough to try to cut the strap free, it pulled the hook and swam away before they were able.

It makes me super sad.


Antonio Brown and Gronk Polls. Record Your Answer Now And We Will Revisit when The Season Ends

The Homie Cast

Three questions which we will revisit after the Superbowl or when the Patriots season is over whichever comes first… 1) Will Antonio Brown be active on the Patriots roster for the entire season? 2) Will Antonio Brown be considered as a positive or negative addition to the Patriots roster when the NFL season ends? 3) Does Gronk Play This Year?

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Events At The MAC

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

WORKOUTS, WINE + HEALTHY PIZZA! MAC’s Fall Fit Fest – Open House 2019

MAC logo

9/23, 9/25, 10/1 AND 10/3


No guest fees and open gym time all four dates from 4:00 – 7:00 PM!

Bring a friend to any of our evening group fitness classes, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy some tasty snacks!

$0 join fee if you attend any of the event dates and decide to join!

Refer a friend and receive $5 each month
for as long as they stay a member!

The more you come, the more friends you bring, the more chances you have to WIN!

How to Enter
1. Sign in at the front desk each time you attend an event
2. Bring a friend and receive 2 entries!
3. Enjoy the event! Easy as that.

1st Place: 6 free personal training sessions, Massages or Tennis Lessons (your choice)
2nd Place: $100 MAC gift card
3rd Place: Swag Bag


MONDAY: 9/23




*Call to sign up for required registration classes: 978-526-8900, or sign up through the MAC app (search MAC Fitness Clubs in your app store)

*$0 join fee for new members who attend the event and join by 10/13

*All members and non-members who book time in Gymazing must sign up at least 24 hours in advance: call 978-526-8900 x211

*Contact Dave Colby to sign up for free JDP classes – dcolby@macathletics.com



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