GloucesterCast 358 with Chris McCarthy, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/022/19

GloucesterCast 358 with Chris McCarthy, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/022/19


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Topics Include:

McCarthy turns the podcast on it’s head with his scheduling demands.

It’s September 22, 2019 the last day of summer!  NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Antonio Brown poll results

Chris McCarthy Lobster Catch Update Controversy Moving the parameters around to suit his case.

Beauport Hotel Staycation

Shoutout to Lucy our server at Yella

Shoutouts- Extreme Truck and Auto-Brake Story

Rob Bent From Brown’s Yacht Yard Video– Brown’s Employs 25 People Which Is A LOT!

What is funnier, the fact that GMG mascot Beau has shit in my office and home or the fact that the Facebook dog police are calling me a bad dog owner.

New “cap clip” link here saved Pat from losing her hat on recent whale watch trip
Less than $6.00 and other uses possible.
Trails and Sails events! Cape Pond Ice tour yesterday to be repeated next Saturday Sept 28 11 AM. Highly recommended. Tons of other FREE events this week and next weekend:
Chris got a new Boston Whaler




Thanks to my friend Heidi Wakeman who texted to let me know there was what she thought a trio of Black Skimmers down the creek at Good Harbor Beach. I raced over and sure enough there were three Black Skimmers, as well as several Laughing Gulls, resting on the creek edge along with a flock of gulls.

You could tell they were weary and wind tossed so we observed from the far side of the creek so as not to disturb the little travelers. Heidi and I enjoyed watching for a bit. A Great Blue Heron briefly flew on the scene, joining a mixed gathering of herons and egrets. Heidi stayed awhile longer and got to see them fly and skim-feeding.

Black Skimmers are called as such because they have a unique-to-their species method of foraging. Their lower mandible is longer than the upper, which allows them to skim the surface for small fish.

Southern Massachusetts is at the very northern range of the Black Skimmers breeding range. I imagine they have been blown off course by Humberto’s wildy winds.

Black Skimmers are not all that Hurricane Humberto delivered to our shores. The surf was tremendous Friday afternoon, with long lovely rolling waves that towered and crashed ashore. The late day softening light and a fine mist from the heavy amounts of moisture in the air lent an atmospheric light to all.

Here are some photos I took of Black Skimmers two years ago at Cape May, New Jersey, while documenting the Monarch migration along the southern New Jersey coast. Just as do Monarchs, Skimmers gather in great numbers at Cape May in late summer and early autumn, waiting for the right conditions to cross the Delaware Bay.


Late Thursday afternoon at City Hall Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken hosted a surprise Birthday Celebration with the city employees for Jim Destino’s 60th Birthday. The entertainment with Theresia Millasovich(Marilyn Monroe) was the ultimate surprise! To say it was a surprise is an understatement, the look on his face says it all!

Black Skimmers On Good Harbor Friday From Michael Sacca

Hi Joey,

Attached are a few pictures I took of Black Skimmers on Good Harbor Beach Friday morning. I had observed 2 early in the morning while surfing at Long Beach, and also saw two at Cape Hedge in the afternoon. Massachusetts (Cape Cod) is considered the northern limit of their breeding range.
thumbnail (75).jpg
thumbnail (76).jpg
thumbnail (77).jpg
From Massachusetts Audubon:
The Black Skimmer is an erratic visitor and rare breeder on the coast of Massachusetts, most often encountered along sandy beaches or open tidal flats. In eastern North America, the regular breeding range extends from Long Island, New York, southward along the coast to the Gulf of Mexico. Since 1984, when skimmers were observed breeding on North Monomoy and New Island, the species has nested annually.
Michael Sacca

Tuffy’s Daughter Dega got married over the weekend and that seems kinda crazy.

If you’ve been following the blog through the years you’ve followed the antics of one of our favorite lobstermen, Tuffy.

Well when Tuffy first started lobstering with us his daughter Dega was just a little girl.  Now she’s married.  That seems crazy.

Here are some pictures of little Dega through the years and Tuffy and Huzzy on the way to her NYC wedding-


Do you love drinking or smoking weed?

Cape Ann Wellness

Hit the reset button on your health and join us for Sober October at Cape Ann Power Yoga! It’s a lot more fun than it sounds like – and the people you’ll meet are a lot of fun as well.

Image may contain: one or more people That’s me on the left.

Each October we invite everyone from the community to join us together in a fun challenge of no smoking weed, no drinking, and doing 15 hot yoga practices in the month of October. It’s called Sober October and it’s fun because it isn’t just for teetotalers and saints – but for those of us that hit it a little harder too.

No photo description available. Last year I just made it to 15, but some people found with all the time they saved by not being hungover they had more time for doing yoga and went literally off the chart.

The point of Sober October is to attract…

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