Athletes, family, friends, and fans – last chance to order GHS sports apparel

Bryan Lafata shares reminder

The deadline to order apparel for Gloucester High School Athletics is coming fast- Sunday at noon. Don’t miss a big school spirit selection for fall sports and all GHS athletics. Here’s the store link:

Schedule for all the games can be found here 


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The brilliant red-orange Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia) is a beneficial pollinator magnet. Plant and they will come! Grow a patch of milkweed next to your Mexican Sunflowers and you will not only attract Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and an array of bee species, but every Monarch Butterfly in the neighborhood will be in your garden.

Its many common names include Red Torch Mexican Sunflower, Bolivian Sunflower, Japanese Sunflower, but one of the loveliest is ‘Golden Flower of the Aztecs.’ Tithonia rotundifolia grows wild in the mountains of Central Mexico and Central America.

Mexican Sunflower is one of my top ten favorites for supporting Monarchs, is extremely easy to grow, and deer do not care for its soft, velvety leaves. Plant in average garden soil, water, and dead head often to extend the blooming period. Ours flower from July through the first frost. Collect the seedheads after the petals have fallen off, but before they dry completely and the songbirds have eaten all the seeds.






Grant helps plovers have record year on Crane Beach, featuring Jeff Denoncour

Rotary Club paid for three solar-powered electric fences

IPSWICH — Those little birds you see running around the beach don’t have it easy.

Although they have wings, they won’t fly to trees to build their nests. Instead, they scoop holes, or “scrapes,” in the sand and lay their eggs there.

And that’s an invitation for all kinds of trouble: predators, rogue waves, dogs, or clumsy or malicious humans.

Combined with widespread loss of habitat, piping plovers are now on the federal government’s threatened species list. One estimate says there are just 8,400 left worldwide.

But along with lease terns, which are protected in Massachusetts, the plovers are well taken care of on Crane Beach.

In fact, they were so well taken care of in 2019 that a record number of chicks fledged and are now ready for the next perilous phase of their lives — a migration to the Bahamas.

This year, 49 pairs of plovers raised 96 chicks, said Jeff Denoncour, coastal ecologist with The Trustees of Reservations.

The last year that good for the birds was in 1999, when 44 pairs produced 89 fledglings, he added.

To show how precarious the species’ existence can be, Denoncour said the year 2000 was disastrous. Just 12 fledglings survived despite the efforts of 49 pairs. “That was due to a major storm,” he explained.

Jeff Denoncour and Courtney Richardson last year at Jeff’s program on coastal ecology held at the Cape Ann Museum

Phyliss A

From our friend Gloria Parsons

Just checking in again in case you are still interested in the show.

Please contact me before September 10th if you are interested in participating this year.

You may have already contacted me.  If so, thank you!


Gloria Parsons

Phyllis A Marine Association

Board Treasurer



Product Video Review and Demonstration: Packing A Dry Bag For A Day Of Boating With Product Links

55L Dry Bag Link $33.99

Mesh Bags Set of Two $5.99

Waterproof Micro Case Link $19.99

LED Lantern Pack Of 4 $29.97

Contigo Autoseal Tumbler $16.99

Sperry Men’s Non Marking Flip Flops $26.99


Thanks so much to Len Burgess for sharing his beauitiul, beautiful photos from Schooner Fest!

Do You Have Kids Who Want to Play Hockey?

Cape Ann Youth Hockey’s Developmental programs are starting soon.  Your young skater can join either Learn-to-Skate or the Cross Ice beginning hockey program.

Check out all details on the flyer below or click HERE to read more

On a personal note, I can’t say enough about the skills, friendships, lessons, and love of hockey my two boys have learned throughout their years in Cape Ann Youth Hockey.

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Colby Farm Sunflower Field

As our friend Kim Smith told us recently, sunflower fields are in full bloom and ready for visitors. I visited the Colby Farm Sunflower Field in Newbury recently and it was delightful. So, even though sunflowers have recently been featured here, they are so cheerful I thought everyone might enjoy another dose! There is a $10 cash only parking fee but sunflowers aren’t the only attraction. There’s a small enclosure with farm animals for children to enjoy, a farmstand, and antique tractors for photos.


There’s always that one……


LIVE MUSIC: Sept 8, Jazz Brunch Featuring HARRY WAGG at Feather and Wedge


Join Feather & Wedge for the best brunch on Cape Ann featuring music from Ipswich-based jazz guitarist Harry Wagg. Harry’s setlist is a combination of traditional jazz, contemporary classics and original compositions – all arranged for solo guitar.

Reservations highly suggested!  978.999.5917

Sunday, September 8, 2019
10:30 – 2:30 PM

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966

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