Step Back to 1948

I was delighted to find a 1948 Polk’s City Directory for Gloucester at Dogtown Books with the area map intact! I thought you might like a little taste of 1948  Gloucester:

I just love the maps.

1948 map from directory

City Officers 1948. What names do you recognize? Anyone as curious about the Superintendent Brown Tail and Gypsy Moth , City Forester, Forest Warden’s duties? I’m also wondering about the Fence Viewers (?)

City Officers 1948 directory

And here’s a fun tidbit from the Gloucester Daily Times June 7 1948. “See history being made before your very eyes.” This post is in memory of my mom, who’s birthday it is today. She would have been 14 and likely been glued to the new phenomenon television.

Brown Comp TV ad GDt June 7 1948

One thought on “Step Back to 1948

  1. Look at the prices of those televisions! That was a small fortune back then. In today’s dollars I could not even guess what the equivalent would be. Thousands, I am sure. No wonder only the wealthy could afford televisions back then. Wow!


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