A solution to common foot problems -Nia classes on Cape Ann

Cape Ann Wellness

Do you suffer from pain, neuropathy, poor balance and other common foot ailments?

According to AARP, there are many simple measures you can take to fix some of these pesky pedal problems.  Here’s a link to the full article https://www.aarp.org/health/conditions-treatments/info-2019/common-feet-problems-solutions.html

Here are two solutions they offer to help feet, both of which can be found in a Nia class.

1. Get on your feet

The more you sit, the more you deactivate your glute muscles — and proper foot function requires strong glutes, hips and abs, Splichal says. Exercises like hip bridges and planks encourage not only tummy work and hip extension (counterposes for sitting), but also help you practice getting up and down from the floor — something research has correlated with longevity.

2. Go barefoot

The nerves on the bottom of your feet are even more receptive than those on your hands — but stuffing your feet into…

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