Almost entirely fledged, our Good Harbor Beach chicks are taking short flights around the creek and sandy beach. USFWS considers Piping Plovers fledged at 35 days, which will bring us to Saturday.

Nearly as large as the adults, the chicks still take direction and heed the parent’s warning piping calls alerting them to approaching danger. Every morning I typically find both adults protecting and monitoring the chicks, but this morning, only Papa was seen and that has been the case reported all day by fellow volunteers. Female Piping Plover parents often depart earlier than their male counterparts and that was the case with our family with the one surviving chick in 2017.

*Edited -found Mama this morning (a day after she disappeared), supervising all three chicks. Both parents still present and still on duty. Happy Fourth everyone!

What will happen at thirty-five-days? Will the chicks suddenly begin migrating southward? I don’t think it will be as precise as all that. The family maintains a loose association for an undetermined amount of time. Another PiPl family that I am documenting at a different location, where the chicks are four days older, is still hanging out together and the four siblings often nap together, within close proximity to Mom and Dad.

Under Dave Rimmer’s advice, the City has agreed to keep the roped off area in place until after the busy Fourth of July weekend (thank you!). By keeping the area within the rope protected, we are continuing to provide a safe harbor and good foraging habitat for the fledging birds, which will surely be needed this weekend.

Thank you to everyone who is watching out for our sweet little PiPl family ❤


PiPl sandwich

Going, going, gone!

Thirty-two-day Old Piping Plover Chicks

Papa supervising this morning

Artist Loren Doucette in the news: Operations Manager at Rocky Neck Art Colony & Peabody Essex Museum special program

Peabody Essex Museum features Loren Doucette teaching pastel drawing in the garden for the museum summer 2019 July 31 and August 7th


Loren Doucette at Peabody Essex Museum teaching_20190614_© c ryan.jpg




Announcement from Rocky Neck

Dear Rocky Neck Community,

The Board of Trustees is very excited to announce that art colony artist member, Loren Doucette, joined the organization as RNAC Operations Manager. In this newly formed position, Loren will co-ordinate and implement the various programs of the Art Colony, schedule and supervise the Cultural Center space, provide administrative support, and communicate with both members and the public.

Loren brings positivity, warmth and a fresh new energy to the Art Colony. She is passionate about being a creative catalyst and looks forward to promoting the artists and galleries of the Rocky Neck Art Colony, collaborating with local arts and business organizations, and helping to generate a new youthful vibrancy to the art colony.

A life-long artist who focuses on painting, drawing and collage, Loren has been an exhibiting artist and teacher on Cape Ann since 2000 and a member of the Rocky Neck Art Colony for over ten years. During this time she became widely known for her appealing style and was featured in several popular shows including those at Flatrocks Gallery and Gallery 53 in Gloucester and the Tusinski Gallery in Rockport. She was recently awarded the People’s Choice Award from the show Rocky Neck Now 2019, Looking All Around.

With a BFA in Drawing and Painting from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Loren was recently Interim Director of Continuing Education at Montserrat where she also taught classes in pastel, drawing and painting.

She loves living by the ocean and being a part of the Cape Ann art community. In Loren’s words: “I continually fall in love with this amazing place—the people, the culture, the diversity, the natural beauty—all truly magical. I feel honored to have this position of leadership at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center and look forward to helping bring together many talented and inspired people to exhibit, perform, and tell their stories. In addition to honoring the rich artistic history that Rocky Neck holds, I am excited to be part of the next wave of artistic innovation!”

Loren may be reached during her office hours on Thursday and Friday by email: rnac.operationsmanager@gmail.com and by phone at the Cultural Center: 978-515-7004.

ECYSA, MTOC, and Fishermen Youth soccer in the news

MTOC GDT_20190703_©c ryan.jpg
Gloucester Daily Times sports section July 3, 2019 here

and read more from Massachusetts Youth Soccer tournament summary here:  https://spark.adobe.com/page/L3pta2ujd6KK9/  

Cape Ann’s Head Coach, Kyle Hurd (GHS 2011): “Composure, bringing a sense of urgency and being able to play with controlled aggression were key for us. Being able to keep your head and your wits about you to open up space, and not just to sprint forward, was key. There’s a lot of preparation, some yelling and some headaches. We struggled in the middle of the season, but after that we turned it around immediately and hit the ground running.”


and from Essex County Youth Soccer Assoc (ECYSA):

Dear Players, Families and Friends of ECYSA,  

We began the season in April with 502 teams across five age groups and four divisions.  We battled a tough weather season but we managed to get most of the games played and as a result of all of the work of each of our 32 organizations and hundreds of coaches and volunteers we provided an excellent soccer experience to over 8000 players.  

This last weekend we closed out our 2019 Spring season with the MA Tournament of Champions(MTOC).    ECYSA had 14 divisional champions and 5 wild cards representing our league at MTOC.  Eleven of those teams advanced out of pool play and into the semi-finals.  Five teams advanced to the final and one team won a State Championship.  (G10 B MTOC 2 – Cape Ann United Longshoremen) ECYSA also had a team recognized with the Sportsmanship Award (G8 G MTOC 2 – Woburn Warriors).  It was a great weekend and ECYSA was represented well.  

Below I have listed all of the 2019 ECYSA Champions and wildcard winners. Congratulations to all! 

On behalf of the entire ECYSA Board, thanks for a great season.  Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the fields in the fall. 

Dean Sidell

ECYSA President 



2019 Essex County Youth Soccer Champions

North Reading Scorpions – G6 B MTOC 1 (MTOC semi-finalist)
Rockport Loose Cannons – G6 B MTOC 2 (MTOC semi-finalist) 

Revere Eagles – G6 B County 1

Lawrence Rebels – G6 B County 2

Revere Nacional – G8 B MTOC 1 (MTOC Finalist) 
Lynn Tornados – G8 B MTOC 2 (MTOC Semi-Finalist) 

Woburn Aztecs – G8 B County 1

Triton Arsenal – G8 B County 2

North Andover Knighthawks – G10 B MTOC1 (MTOC semi-finalist) 
North Andover Redstorm – G10 B MTOC 2 -Wildcard (MTOC Finalist) 
Cape Ann United Longshoremen -G10 B MTOC 2 (MTOC State Champion) 

Marblehead Flotilla – G10 B County 1

Woburn Sporting CP – G12 B – MTOC 1 – Wildcard
North Andover United FC – G12 B MTOC 1 (MTOC Finalist) 

Cape Ann United Lumpers – G12 B County 1

Lynnfield Breakers – G6 G MTOC 1
Saugus Liberty – G6 G MTOC 2 (MTOC Finalist) 

Ipswich Pride – G6 G County 1

Hamilton Wenham Surge – G6 G County 2

Andover Defenders – G8 G MTOC 1 (MTOC Finalist) 
Woburn Warriors – G8 G MTOC 1  – Wildcard (MTOC semi-finalist and Sportsmanship winner) 
Marblehead Thunder G8 G MTOC 2

Danvers Sky Blue – G8 G County 1

Cape Ann Unite Fathoms – G8 G County 2

North Andover Strikers – G10 G MTOC 1
North Andover Banshees FC – G10 G MTOC 2
Peabody Lady Tanners – G10 G MTOC 2 – Wildcard
Pentuckett Lady Sachems – G12 G MTOC 1
Haverhill Lady Hillies – G12 MTOC 1 – Wildcard

Hammond Castle is open daily! Check out new programs and events like this art show opening July 8


photo of Hammond Castle by Rebeccah Pearson Museum Shop Manager


Rebeccah Pearson, Museum Shop manager submits:

Artist reception at Hammond Castle Museum Monday July 8th 6pm – 8pm

“On the Right Track” artist meet and greet is a wonderful way to meet some of our most talented artists on Cape Ann that are being featured in Hammond Castle’s Museum Shop. Join us Monday July 8th at 6pm ending at 8pm. Refreshments will be served as you talk with the artists and enjoy their paintings. Please RSVP by going to the website at www.hammondcastle.org. 

The featured artists for the month of July include: 

Rosemary Ryding was born in London and is greatly influenced, by the art old and new in Europe. Her main interest is in the study of new mediums and methods. Her present pursuit is the study of ENCAUSTIC which is a medium used by the Greeks in the fourth century BC. It is now used in a multitude of ways and combines the old and the new.

Patty Boynton is a painter whose art is inspired by the beauty of the Northeast, in particular the marshes of Cape Ann and the Isles of Shoals . She works in oils in a representational style with a goal of simplifying and abstracting her subjects. When she isn’t painting, she enjoys walking, working in her garden, singing in her church choir, reading and traveling. You can reach her at p.boynton@comcast.net.

Linda Harvey has been painting as hobby for the past 20 years. Her work includes seascapes, landscapes, children and European streetscapes. Oil on canvas is her medium of choice. She has had many painting adventures in France, Spain, Majorca and Italy . She paints with joy in the beautiful color.

Therese Melden lives in Manchester, MA and began painting 14 years ago. She has explored acrylic and oil paint and currently works in pastel. “I have always loved making art. I enjoy trying new techniques and have been fortunate to work with gifted teachers and talented peers. I paint plein air and mostly from photographs. I choose subjects that I have an emotional reaction to.”

Camille Skilton has been painting as a hobby for around 15 years. She started in watercolors but now does mostly oils. She paints in the tonalist style which George Inness started in the 1800s.

Carmela Martin a native of New England, Carmela Martin finds that these are the landscapes and people that most attract her as an artist.  Whether working representationally or in a more expressionistic style, her art is informed by her experiences living in this unique part of the country. Martin has studied at Montserrat College of Art and with many gifted and renowned artists from the North Shore and beyond.  She works in pastels, acrylic and oils, often incorporating cold wax and marble dust. Martin is an artist member of the North Shore Arts Association, Rockport Art Association, Newburyport Art Association and the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA). Her paintings are in private and corporate collections in the U.S., Canada and Scotland.

Katie Bull has lived in Beverly MA most of her life. Though her travels inspire her art, she thrives on her sense of place in her own back yard. Her primary medium is pastels, and recently she has been exploring and enjoying painting in oils.

Art at Hammond Castle Museum

Every month through out our season Hammond Castle Museums Shop will be featuring  local artists upon its walls. A portion of the proceeds will go towards restoration efforts. To view this months local artist please click  here! Hammond Castle Museum, 80 Hesperus Ave, Gloucester MA 01930 www.hammondcastle.org

Hammond castle open daily! Enjoy guided or self-guided tours.

Thursday night Candlelit Tours coming July and August


Cape Ann Community Boating is now open for business


Cape Ann Community Boating is now open for business with three 19 foot Rhodes design keelboats in the water off the State Fish Pier in Gloucester’s inner harbor.  CACB is a non-profit working closely with the City of Gloucester and private donors to create a public boating center on Cape Ann. With sliding-scale fees, membership is intended to be available to anyone who is interested. It is our belief that, through working with families and organizations on Cape Ann, we can promote environmental stewardship and healthy living by helping people stay active and connected with their community and surroundings.

Membership includes the whole family and comes with a two-hour lesson with a US Sailing certified instructor. Once a member, you are entitled to seasonal access to sailboats for lessons and private use. A two-hour sailing lesson is included in the membership fee. Once you’ve demonstrated proficiency in sailing, boats will be available to individuals according to availability. A free pass on the Harbormaster Launch is included!

We love connecting with our community! Send questions or feedback to our Facebook page at Cape Ann Community Boating, email capeanncb@gmail.com or call (978) 525-8098. 

Wednesday, July 3 THE RHUMB LINE 40 Railroad Avenue Gloucester, MA PARADE DAY, 2019! DAVE SAG PRESENTS…

While I perform with Orleans in Cape May, NJ, bassman Dave Sag will be staging a fantastic Blues Party show for Parade Day 2019, featuring Mr. Excitement, aka, “Sax” Gordon Beadle, legendary bluesman, Ricky King Russell on guitar and Ed Scheer on the drums. Insanity begins immediately after The Horribles Parade, and goes to midnight. Come early and catch the entire parade from the hottest vantage point in town, the one and only RHUMB LINE! Have a great holiday! I’ll see you all next week ~ Fly

ailroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732



Dynamic mother/daughter Melissa Tarr and Bianca Giacalone have teamed up to bring you a super fun Cast Aways and Design of Mine fashion show, on their float, during the Horribles Parade. Looking forward to all the fun!

Design of Mine is located at 33 Main Street

Cast Aways is located at 65 Main Street

Baby Hawks Growing Up

What a difference a month makes for young hawks! You may remember we have 3 young hawks in a nest near our house that we have been watching. This was taken just about a month ago:


And these were taken in the last few days. I believe them to be “our” youngsters growing up. They grow up fast, don’t they?