There are several butterflies that people often mistake for Monarchs. Among them are two members of the Vanessa genus and they are Painted Ladies and Red Admirals.

Monarchs are on the wing at the dunes at Good Harbor Beach, attracted to the Common Milkweed growing abundantly throughout. For the past several months, we have had an influx of Red Admirals. They aren’t seen in the dunes as much as are the Monarchs; you’ll find them right on the sand at the beach. They are drinking moisture found in the sand, especially at the wrack line, seeking minerals and salt. Red Admirals are commonly referred to as the ‘Friendly Red Admiral’ because they alight on people’s skin, drinking salty human perspiration.

When wings are folded Red Admirals are beautifully disguised against beach and bark textures; when their wings are open they flash bright red-orange bands across their upper and lower wings, which sometimes leads people to believe they are a ‘small’ Monarch.

Red Admiral



We PiPl volunteer monitors had a sweet get together last night to celebrate our three fledged Piping Plovers. Not everyone could attend and I didn’t take the photo until several had already departed. Despite the fact that the City prematurely dismantled the Piping Plover refuge, it didn’t dampen our spirits. It was super to talk to fellow volunteers and learn more about them while sharing a beautiful cake that Heather Hall had made, with some fantastic Sangria, made by Laurie Sawin.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our fantastic volunteers for your hours of dedication. It was a great year for PiPls at Good Harbor Beach. We hope our Mama and Papa return next year, and if they do, we will be even more prepared!

O’Maley Middle School Free Preforming Arts Performance – Thursday 7/18

Cape Ann Community

Please join us:

When: 12 noon on Thursday, July 18th

Where: O’Maley Innovation Middle School Auditorium

What: 60+ O’Maley Academy Drama Camp students will perform 2 short plays:

Us and Them by David Campton and The First People by Faye Davis and Company. 

Admission is free.

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Harbormaster TJ Ciarametaro Talks About New Kayak Racks Being Installed in #GloucesterMA and The Importance Of Labeling Your Kayak To Help @USCG Identify Missing Crafts

Did you know the city is putting up Kayak storage places near landings and that you can apply for one?

All the info is on the City harbormaster page- https://gloucesterma.mooringinfo.com/



Gloucester Map 1937

A lovely map of the Gloucester/Rockport area is a bonus find from the 1937-38 Gloucester City Directory. Here’s a small portion of it which generates a few observations:

The current Tavern on the Harbor was previously the site of a home for “Aged Women”!

Trask Oaks appears to have been a neighborhood in the vicinity of Trask Street. Were there prominent oak trees nearby perhaps?

It’s interesting to note that many of the wharves are named.

So many schoolhouses! I don’t think those kids walked “five miles uphill both ways in the snow and rain” , though it may have been uphill!

Do you notice the steam ferry route?

I hope you like looking at old maps as much as I do!

Gloucester map 1937 directory

Vintage #Castiron #Hibachi Restore Pics and Description Start To Finish

Northeast BBQ

The pick up and inspection:
While it was obvious the hibachi had never been used, there was a fair amount of surface rust on the cooking grid, cookbox and hardware that held everything together. The wood base was dusty and faded.

Further inspection and breaking down:

The thing rod that holds the wood handles to the cooking grid had the most surface rust but all the nuts came free after hitting them with the wire brush and steel wool.  Same for the nuts that held the wood base to the cook box.


The tools used were steel wool, wire brush, abrasive sponge and a rag.


Started out hitting any and all surface rust with the small wire brush and then…

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