Alicia Unleashed- We got the meats!

Episode 89 on location! (We’re almost there! Where you at homiecast?)

We sit down with Craig Kimberley (special guest Hannah) on the hill to talk about all the things!


Hot Plate:
How is the Island surviving without plastic bags?
What’s in store for Cape Ann Lanes (We’re excited if this goes through)?

RIP James Ingram
Our plans for the Superbowl.
Craig weighs in on his love for Ariana Grande’s new tattoo!
*Annual Superbowl shout out to B’s friend Lamarr for the Halftime Show

WE ALSO WENT LIVE! Were you watching?
We ask Craig about his origin story on how he got in to BBQ’ing and photographing food. Craig talks about some of the trails and tribulations of rubs, meats, grilling in the cold. How his videos are different on youtube than other videos and who inspired him to get going doing his damn thang! He also GOES IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN on the Brisket on his (Humphrey’s Grill box) he is making for Superbowl Sunday for “Mistah Sistah’s” party. We get a little bit of trolling from Mr. Beard’o. Craig talks about some of the IDEAL items you should have on hand for ideal grilling. Also, could there be an upcoming SMOKE OFF this spring?

Listen now to find out all about it!

Social Shoutouts!
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3 thoughts on “Alicia Unleashed- We got the meats!

  1. Great “Unleashed” very interesting view all the way around. Enjoyed it thanks!

    Craig (5 years out west in New Mexico)…I know this place very well also the (Q) met load of folks from back East that way 1960’s – 1970’s and 1980’s went to UNM.

    Many from that Era are profiled in this book too: (Roberta Price: Across the Great Divide)

    An all these years I thought the term was Dink-Weed at last that’s a term I even heard in the late 1960’s on the north shore. Term used a lot I n the Boston area 1970’s – early 1980’s.!

    Welcome Back Unleashed of course you have your own theme song 🙂 !
    Welcome Back Kotter – Theme Song

    🙂 Dave


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