GloucesterCast 306 With Chris McCarthy, Ralphael DiGiorgio, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Allen Estes, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/11/18


GloucesterCast 306 With Chris McCarthy, Ralphael DiGiorgio, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Allen Estes, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/11/18


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Topics Include:

Pat’s Aunt That Doesn’t Like Me Is Donating Money To The Orphans Every Time We Swear On The Podcast

Thanksgiving anxiety

Allen Estes-

Allen Estes Kickstarter Campaign

Taste Of Cape Ann

Raphael DiGiorgio Food Critic To The Stars Reviews iPazzi

Cape Ann Youth Hockey Exodus To Westmount Montreal– Chris’ Experience in Montreal

Jazz Brunch at Feather & Wedge with Peter Fedele, Sunday, November 11

Well that was rather abrupt! Papa Gino’s Abruptly Shuttered!

Lights of Love Annual Tree Lighting at AGH- All welcome!  Wednesday Nov 28th 6:15PM

Coffin’s Beach By The Numbers

New Listing At 5 Stanwood Point Unit B, Gloucester

Pat Sheds Light On Old Packing Slips Discovered- Sea View Lobster Co. Gloucester Mass. Telephone (Gloucester, Mass.) 1324

Pat and Jimmy have a problem voting.

Chris Is A New Fan of Extreme Truck and Auto Repair

Jim would like to share a report on Two Sisters Cafe
Hank Junker Shout Out
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Thanksgiving Bulk Pick-up

Need to round out your pantry as we head into the holiday season? We would like to offer an opportunity for bulk ordering on some produce this week.
Pick up will be between 3PM and 6PM on Thursday, November 15th. If you can not make this date let me know and we can work something out.
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We are doing a special “Thanksgiving Basket” that includes an assortment of items for your favorite Thanksgiving dinner ever.

This basket includes: 5# Carrots, 5# Mashing potatoes, 1 Head of cabbage, 2.5# Parsnips, 1 Butternut Squash, 1 mixed herb bundle, 1# cut lettuce, 1 Stalk Brussles Sprouts, 4# Leeks, 2 Heads Garlic, and 1# Shallots – All for $62.50

Or, you can make your own combos with all the deliciousness below!

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Squash Mix: carnival acorns, kabocha & honeynuts – 20lb box, $30
Potato, Roaster: Red pinto – 5lb, $12
Potato, All Purpose Masher mix, white/Yellow – 5lb, $8
Beet Mix, red & gold – 5lb bag, $10
Parsnips – 5lb bag, $12
Garlic – 1lb bag, $8
Shallots – 2lb bag, $10
Leeks – 4lb bag, $10
Cabbage mix (red and green) – 10lbs, $10
Celeriac – 3lbs, $8
Chic Mix: pan di zucchero & radicchio chicories – 5lbs, $10
Fennel – 3 large bulbs, $10
Grains, fresh-milled, Hard Red Wheat, Pastry Wheat –or– Rye – 5lb bag, $10
Herb bundle: Parsley, Thyme, Sage – 1 pack, $6

We wish you all well and a very healthy and cozy holiday season.


All the best.
Your farmers,
Elise and Tucker Smith
Cedar Rock Gardens

“Climate Change, Capitalism, and The Worldwide Symbiote” by Gloucester High Student Willa Brosnihan

The Gillnetter

The student news site of Gloucester High School in Gloucester, MA


I am not a tree hugger. I do not always remember to switch off the lights when I leave the room, and sometimes I turn the heat up too high in the winter. I don’t spend my days saving injured birds or picking up trash off the beach. But after the climate report issued by the International Panel on Climate Change, I started to feel guilty about how little I’ve been doing.

The report said that the highest temperature increase that the planet can safely reach in comparison to pre-industrial global temperatures is 1.5 degrees Celsius. In 2017, NASA placed us at a .9 degree Celsius increase, and according to the IPCC report, we are expected to reach that 1.5 degrees “between 2030 and 2052.”

The effect of this change to our planet’s climate would be catastrophic. Sea level rise from melting ice caps would worsen the flooding caused by the increasing numbers of hurricanes, typhoons, and blizzards that could be expected. Arid regions and land already damaged by deforestation would become completely un-farmable. Poor communities would be the most drastically and immediately affected.

Here on the coast, where our high school parking lot already fills with ocean water after a big storm, we should be worrying about what our little city will look like for our children and grandchildren.


Allen Estes Kickstarter- A portion of the funds for this CD will be donated to the Kay Ellis Memorial Scholarship


Allen Estes is a gifted singer-songwriter whose time has come!   

Click Here To Check Out Allan Estes Kickstarter                    

His music is cinematic and speaks to relationships, the world at large and specifically to the magical area he calls home, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

"Our Humble Queen of the Harbor" was written in memory of Kay Ellis (pictured bottom middle)

“Our Humble Queen of the Harbor” was written in memory of Kay Ellis (pictured bottom middle)

A portion of the funds for this CD will be donated to the Kay Ellis Memorial Scholarship. The song, “Humble Queen of the Harbor,” was written in memory of Kay Ellis, who, with her husband Tom, built the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon 1997. There have been many years of, as Tom puts it, “sailing in circles in Gloucester Harbor,” and many music sails that Allen has been a part of. The music sails were Kay’s idea! Kay’s passing in 2016 left a big hole in the waterfront community.  Several months after her passing, the scholarship fund in her name was established to benefit students of the Tourism and Hospitality fields. An annual ‘Sunset Sail and Party on the Dock’ has raised funds for the scholarship and since then 6 scholarships of $3000 each have been awarded to date.

Allen’s music is instantly memorable, the kind of music that stays with you, the kind you can’t get out of your head. Allen says, “These new songs deserve to be out in the world, and hopefully you will share our vision.” We hope you will get involved and support this new record project! Rewards range from a “Sincere Thank You” to a House Concert with many levels of support in between, including a private lesson with Allen for those budding singer-songwriters- wouldn’t that make a great gift!

Recording at Q Division StudiosRecording at Q Division Studios

Old Packing Slips Discovered- Sea View Lobster Co. Gloucester Mass. Telephone (Gloucester, Mass.) 1324

Captain Joe and Sons Wholesale Lobster Company

Bradley Scheetz who bought a house on East Main Street a couple of years ago found stacks of these lobster packing slips hidden in the attic.  I’d never heard of the Sea View Lobster Company and I’m not sure when we used four digit telephone numbers here in Gloucester.

I’m curious if anyone knows who owned Sea View Lobster Co and where it was located.  Please share

Thanks Bradley for sharing this with us.

Maybe Pat Dalpiaz can figure this out.

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The Great War Ends

It was one hundred years ago today that the war known as The Great War, World War I, ended. This war had taken a great toll on the world, and it was no different for Gloucester. Not only did the war rage, but so did the Spanish Flu Pandemic. The headlines every single day told of another loss to war or disease.  So I am certain this headline from Nov 7 1918 was a very welcome sight.

GDT Nov 7 1918

And, a few days later on Nov 11 1918, the Gloucester Daily Times published this:

War Over GDT Nov 11 1918

And, although the 100th anniversary of this profound event may go somewhat unnoticed, the staff at Sawyer Free Library are (as always) right on top of things, offering this display of war related items and various media. One of my Facebook friends shared a link to an audio recording from the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month. It’s short and definitely worth a listen.

But perhaps the greatest headline of all was this one. One year later, Armistice Day was first recognized. It later became Veterans Day as the country found itself involved in other wars and acknowledged those who served. Thank you to our veterans and active military today and in the past.

Headline GDT Nov 11 1918

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Cape Ann Wellness

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