Turn Back Time

A reminder that we turn back the clocks tonight and end Daylight Savings Time. Over the years, this ritual has been moved around on our calendars for various reasons. I found an interesting example in the Gloucester Daily Times microfilms available at the Sawyer Free Library.

From the Gloucester Daily Times Sept 26 1938. You will note this article states the reasoning for continuing Daylight Savings Time an additional week because “The railroad, however, is on eastern standard time and so it the post office, a condition made necessary by the new train schedule.” 


GDT Sept 26 1938

And then, a few days later, on Sept 30 1938, another tidbit “The governor issued the proclamation after he had received an appeal from the flood executives pointing out that an extra hour of daylight would aid the flood victims in clearing up their property.”

Daylight Savings Time GDT Sept 30 1938

Flood victims? Yes, (and some of you are ahead of me on this) due to the Hurricane of 1938:

1938 hurricane GDT Sept 22 1938

It was a chaotic time for all, but hopefully our transition this weekend will be calmer. See you an hour later on the morrow!



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