A walk out to Rafe’s Chasm

On Thursday took a walk out to Rafe’s Chasm before the sunset.  So pretty out there, as soon as it gets dark, the deer and fox start their nighttime routines.

4 thoughts on “A walk out to Rafe’s Chasm

  1. Thanks Donna, we had a bunch fall past two days heavy rains and wind! Almost Bare trees in some locations.
    Beautiful out there and appear after the rain and winds more have falling to rest out the autumn giving back to mother earth! (A quote from a book that is a real deal and eye opening been around a long time too. Touch the Earth Complied by T.C. McLuhan 1971)…I added the word woman to test as there are so many that have given here also Sourced:


    “When a man/woman does a piece of work which is admired by all we say that is wonderful; But when we see the changes of day and night, the sun, moon, and stars in the sky, and changes seasons upon the earth, with ripening fruits, anyone must realize that it is the work of some one more powerful than man/woman. Greatest of all is the Sun, without which we could not live…

    When a person dies his/her spirit is somewhere on the Earth or in the sky, we do not know exactly where but we are sure that his/her spirit still lives on” – Mato-Kuwapi, chased by bears Santee-Yanktonai Sioux quoted from the book (Touch the Earth Complied by T.C. McLuhan 1971).

    🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Dedicated to those who have been on this path coming up (many for sure) for sure fall leaves bring it out! 🙂

    Frankie Avalon Too young to love (Never too young to love foundation to carry with you in life ahead and sure could use so much more of this these days)!!


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