Skeptics in the Pub


I attended Tuesday’s monthly meeting of Skeptics in the Pub at the Pilot House to satisfy my curiosity.  This month’s topic, presented by Rich, was “And now a word from the FDA”.  It was an entertaining mixture of videos and slides to present facts and promote discussion about the role of the FDA in our everyday lives.  There was a group of about 25-30 people in attendance, most of whom treated themselves to dinner from the Pilot House.  The back room of the restaurant was just the right size for this type of event and the staff did a great job for the group.  The presentation was followed by discussion and the whole event took about an hour for those of us that did not arrive early for dinner.  I learned that carefully reading labels may or may not help one bit mostly because they don’t always mean what they appear to say.  And that’s the FDA for you.

Their next meeting is scheduled for Dec 19 at the Pilot House and will be themed “Season of Reason”.  Thank you to Rich and the group for accepting me warmly and for the interesting discussion.

2 thoughts on “Skeptics in the Pub

  1. I’m skeptical if you actually enjoyed yourself, or not. Just kidding. This sounds like an interesting club, or association. But anything that adds “at the Pub” to their name is ok with me! Sounds like fun.


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