Crane Beach Buck


I went to Crane Beach looking for snowy owls but found this guy instead.  I should say he found me along one of the trails at the beach.  I took the trail which was longer and more deserted than I was expecting.  It was just me and the rustling leaves and I started to get a little nervous.  I was thinking I really should have told someone where I would be and felt a little like I was being watched.  Isn’t he magnificent?  This pose reminds me of the Big Daddy Deer in Bambi overlooking his forest and herd.

I wasn’t totally surprised as I had seen hoof prints along the way.  I also saw a doe but she deftly avoided my trigger happy finger on the camera.  No owls, but the buck paid off.

9 thoughts on “Crane Beach Buck

  1. Great capture! Such a great photo! We had two deer in our backyard yesterday but I wasn’t home to get a photo. A large buck also walked right in front of our car two weeks ago on a main road in Rockport. He was GORGEOUS….but I couldn’t manage to drive, be in awe, and get a photo. Some day….


  2. Wow! There used to be one that hung out on the bottom of our street that backed up to the Audibon in Topsfield. Magnificent looking animal.


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