Sebastian Miniatures

I found these gems recently in an antique store in Corning New York.  They were sitting there among a bunch of others just calling to me to take them home.  So, I paid $5 each and it was well worth the cost.  I was so intrigued that I began to do a little research.

These are examples of Sebastian Miniatures, manufactured in Massachusetts since 1938.  There are many, many of them exhibiting various themes but most are only about 5 inches high.  These appear to be ceramic but there are pewter and wood ones as well.  A brief ebay search demonstrates there are many available and most are not particularly rare or valuable.

Interestingly, several with local ties have been issued privately such as for Gorton’s, the Harbor Loop Gift Shop and Eastern Yacht Club.  There are fishermen, lobstermen, wives and children, Old Salt and even Our Lady of Good Voyage (I’m going looking for her).  In 1950, Old Salt sold for $1.50 and today can probably be obtained for $10 or less to give you an idea of value.

But value isn’t always monetary, is it?  I just love these guys and they sit right at my desk as I work everyday.  I’m quite fascinated by them and their history, especially local to Cape Ann.  Perhaps you have some around your house too?


4 thoughts on “Sebastian Miniatures

  1. They have character, don’t they? I really like them. I doubt I would have left them in that antique store in Corning either. I’m going to keep my eye out for them.


  2. I found the Fisherman’s Memorial statue, Our Lady of Good Voyage and Howard Blackburn on ebay at different times from a variety of sellers.


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