Trip to Peabody Essex Museum

The Peabody Essex Museum has been “on the list” for a while now, and this week presented a great opportunity to take the ride.  Since I actively avoid Salem during October, mid November seemed like a reasonable idea for this adventure.

Although the streets of Salem were very quiet, the Museum was buzzing with school children.  It was great to see the energy and enthusiasm for the various galleries and exhibits as seen through elementary students’ eyes.

Doors Beechbrook Cemetery and Peabody Essex Museum 019

** A tip:  I was granted free admission when I showed my volunteer card for NEHGS (New England Historic Genealogical Society).  Many museums have reciprocal memberships and you might be able to be admitted at a free or reduced rate based on your other memberships.  Saved me $20!  I did purchase a ticket for the Yin Yu Tang Chinese House, which was re-erected here in 2003 from a rural village in southeastern China.  A set number of people are allowed per half hour for a self guided tour.  It was well worth the $6, but if you go in cold weather be aware there is no heat.

Doors Beechbrook Cemetery and Peabody Essex Museum 027

All rooms in the house open to the courtyard for light and air, as well as to support the principles of feng shui.

Currently a special interactive installation called XYZT is available.  This is an example which loses some effectiveness in a still photo, but this light “tree” grows from the floor, appears to grow letters which are lost to an invisible wind.  Mesmerizing.

Doors Beechbrook Cemetery and Peabody Essex Museum 020

I was delighted to see this representation of St. Peters Fiesta about 1930 from artist Gordon Beal.  Bold and bright.

Doors Beechbrook Cemetery and Peabody Essex Museum 030

Delightful visit and I’ll be going back as there was much more to enjoy.  It should be on your list too!

3 thoughts on “Trip to Peabody Essex Museum

  1. You can also usually reserve a free ticket to many local museums through your library, but it’s nice to know that being a volunteer somewhere works too.
    I think the PEM is a gem; so glad that you enjoyed it!


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