Accepting Nominations For The GMG Cape Ann’s Best Donut Challenge

Just nominate a Donut Shop if you would please in the comment section on this post.  Nomination period ends Satuday morning at 5AM.  Top four nominations will go head to head in a taste off Sunday morning at the GloucesterCast podcast taping.

If you’re a loyal long time GMG reader you remember the Steak Bomb Challenge-


Also the Italian Sub Challenge-


This post will be stickied for a week.  The top four vote getting Donut Shops will go head to head in a blind taste /presentation test.  Blind meaning that the judges will not know where each donut came from.

To nominate, please place a comment on this post or on the Facebook post.

Nomination totals as of 7:03PM 11/17/17 (I’ll update these each day)-





40 thoughts on “Accepting Nominations For The GMG Cape Ann’s Best Donut Challenge

  1. Eileen Jermyn I have heard about Brothers Brew in Rockport

    Erin Waltz McKay Brothers Brew. In fact, Cormac and I may field trip there now for a cold, cloudy donut break and cup of dark sin. Unless Rob Parsons is doing his donut run, then we will put in an order

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  2. Brother’s Brew in Rockport. The Butternut Crunch Donut. It’s a classic. No cream filling, just a donut with a hole but warm in the morning with the Butternut Crunch you remember from when you were ten years old.

    Their bacon donut and their blueberry I would say are absolutely in the running but there is something about the Brother’s Butternut that is the simple perfect donut. Of course if you put a slice of crispy bacon on top it’s going to be great or you stuck what seems like the flavor of a pint of fresh blueberries into one donut it will be over the top but if you want a donut and just a donut that Butternut Crunch whatever that is, is there a Butternut Crunch Bush they harvest maybe I had too much coffee this afternoon.


  3. Brothers Brew hands down, especially their cinnamon donuts. Actually, anything BroBrew. Another especially is their jelly donuts. Tell me we are having a donut taste test at the next podcast 🙂

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    1. Absolutely agree, Cinnamon & the jelly. We actually buy extra to bring home and freeze, to hold us over until the next visit!!!


  4. Brother’s Brew has the best caked dough nut. It is fried but still the best. We make a special trip every year to have these for breakfast.


  5. Brother’s Brew, downtown Rockport. I get there just after they open so the donuts are still warm, or if I’m late I ask them to nuke ’em for about 15 seconds. The plain donuts are my favorite, just the right amount of crunch on the outside.

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  6. Brothers Brew in Rockport is the BEST! They taste just like your grandma made them in her kitchen years ago! I like the cinnamon-sugar donuts the most—-just the right amount of “crunchiness” on the outside. Delicious!

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  7. What about Happy Belly? I heard they are amazing…or am I confused? Didn’t I have a taste of one at your b-day at the dock?


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