Boston Globe lists the Great Marsh symposium NOV 9th- public invited


Great marsh logoThere’s still time to register today or walk in tomorrow for the Great Marsh Coalition 5th annual special conference on rising water issues and natural systems. Register thru Essex County Greenbelt $20 fee  WHEN: November 9, 2017, 8:30AM- 3:15PM. WHERE: Woodman’s in Essex.

From the Great Marsh Coaltion:

Generous Great Marsh coalition symposium supporters (many are coalition members)- local municipalities, Essex County Greenbelt, Essex National Heritage Area, Mass Audubon, Ipswich River Watershed  Assoc., League of Women Voters Cape Ann, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (MAPC), National Wildlife Federation, and The Trustees 

What is the Great Marsh Coalition?

The Great Marsh Coalition is a group of organizations and agencies that began meeting in spring 2000 to discuss ways of building a regional consciousness and identity for the Great Marsh. The Coalition supports a coordinated approach to education, research, protection, and management to promote preservation, restoration, and stewardship of the Great Marsh. Current Coalition members include (but are not limited to): City of Gloucester is one of Eight Towns and the Great MarshEssex County Greenbelt AssociationEssex National Heritage AreaIpswich River Watershed AssociationMassachusetts Audubon SocietyMassachusetts Office of Coastal Zone ManagementMassachusetts Department of Environmental Management’s ACEC ProgramParker River Clean Water Association, Cultural Alliance of the Lower Merrimack Valley, and The Trustees of Reservations.


Boston Globe article and

Nov 1, 2017 PBS News Hour Miles O’Brien specialreport- excerpt on Jamaica Bay wetland begins at 6:31 mark

Miles O’brien: And here and now looks a lot more green than gray. Dan Mundy knows a lot about this.

Daniel Mundy: We’re in the middle of Jamaica Bay, and we’re going out to the most recently restored wetland island.

Miles O’brien: In 2013, he led a community effort to rebuild some of the islands of Jamaica Bay that he remembered from his younger days. Discharges from sewage treatment plants had polluted the bay, killing the marsh grass. The islands got swallowed up by the water.

Daniel Mundy: We were looking to restore these islands, and we used the old footprint of where they were before they were degraded, and got together with partners like the National Park Service.

Miles O’brien: Mundy’s two islands are now flourishing here. He hopes to build more.


MA Audubon Sept 2017 article Ambitious Plan to Save Chesapeake’s shrinking salt marshes

National Geographic 2016 San Francisco Bay Arrowhead Marsh

PBS News Hour Sept 2014 What Happens to a Marsh when sea levels rise and Plum Island


Boston Globe notice for Great Marsh coalition 2017 annual conference 

Great Marsh coalition 5th annual symposium listed in BOSTON GLOBE

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