Today was alpaca shearing day at the Marshall’s farm. We have lots of photos to share and I’ll have time to post them tomorrow. All the while alpaca shearing was taking place, Perry, the Marshall’s peacock, was struttin’ his stuff. There was no peahen in sight, but a certain chicken seemed to have caught Perry’s attention. The peacock mating call sounds more like a piercing scream, very startling the first time heard. Have a listen!

Baby alpacas Pippi Longstocking, Maisy, and Rascal had their first shearing today.

2 thoughts on “SREAMIN’ PEACOCK

  1. Sheading the winter coat it’s like that haircut shorter hair with summer heat heading your way. And the peacocks we had four of them two males and 2 females you knew they were around and during matting season don’t leave your car parked with shiny hub caps or you see you car attacked by the males who saw there own reflection and fought with it! Anything shiny catches there attention and will get pecked at including hand rings. Great watch dogs and what a howl they slept way up in the trees or any place high off the ground in all kinds of weather conditions we tried sometimes without result to get them in the chicken coops which were barns with roosting locations. Now the raccoons did stir them up some nights or the roaming skunks coming from irrigation ditch area Phew….:-0 Dave & Kim 🙂


  2. They are super fun, especially at this time of yea. There are coyotes nowadays here on Cape Ann and all outdoor farm animals such as chickens and peacocks need to be caged.


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