GMG Wildlife Series: Snakes

All things considered I think this gentleman handled the situation pretty well.  I would have probably died right on the spot when the snake got up on me from a heart attack.

3 thoughts on “GMG Wildlife Series: Snakes

  1. This could easily be here in Georgia; this Glosta girl has killed at least a few dozen poisonous snakes since moving South. Quite a wildlife education! Not for the squeamish.


    1. Yes there are lot’s that way water moccasins Duck Pond on base by golf course which tend to be aggressive if bothered and the rattlesnakes are pretty frequent had a big Eastern Diamond back some got in the south training area woods about 5 feet long and thick. This was up in the Warner Robbins Area! I saw a lot on a river rescue I was on in the early 80’s also stationed there USAF August 1980 to May 1982 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

      The good thing here is both were not expecting each other it does not appear he got bit either as a result that’s good! Walk more in the middle of dirt road away from edge is something I was taught…

      I never been afraid of snakes 99% of the time – As a kid in Lanesville in the woods the black racers at times were a bit aggressive too! 🙂 Dave


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