Little Monkey Found in Stage Fort Park

Hi Joey!

This morning, while walking my dog in Stage Fort Park, we found this colorful little guy laying all alone, abandoned (probably by accident) on the ground by the picnic tables (not the ones by the water, but the ones by the road).  I lifted him into the neck of a nearby tree so he would be safe from other pooches, and could at least take a look around at the beautiful scenery while waiting for his tiny person to come back and retrieve him.

Perhaps Mr. Monkey will remain there as his little person has moved on, and he’ll find a new life out there by the ocean.  But I know sometimes kids get pretty attached to their stuffed animals, so on the off chance that there’s a little one who is madly missing his or her tiny friend, figured I’d pass along his whereabouts, so the two could be reunited. 🙂

He’s in the tree right near the sign about busses needing a permit…share if you think it’s worth trying to get him back home (and no worries if not – it was just a thought)!

Love the blog!

All the best –

Meagan Fratiello


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