Gloucestercast 198 with Kiley Davis and Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCastSquareGloucestercast 198 with Kiley Davis and Joey Ciaramitaro

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6 thoughts on “Gloucestercast 198 with Kiley Davis and Joey Ciaramitaro

  1. During the podcast I said ‘$18 Million” – strike that..reverse’s actually $1.8M I was grossly erroneous by a decimal point. Obviously the cold brew from Dunks got to my brain. Sorry if I was misleading.


    1. Not misleading it’s called being human we all make mistakes 🙂

      Great podcast and needed educational! While listening I did a bit of looking here are a few links I found. Now growing up back that way I have had fish hooks on the barefoot, broken glass, rusty nail upright in a board oh painful tetanus shot from Dr. Pett then our family doctor house calls too 60’s.

      You are on the right path for community…Well done!

      Click to access SafeInjPDF-Module4.pdf

      Available online at:

      Hope this may help some?

      Dave & Kim


  2. Great podcast Kiley and Joey.

    Beach and ocean trash is an international issue. During Sunday’s Schooner Race I noted how little trash I saw in the harbor. So grateful to people like Kiley, Donna and Patty that have taken pro-active stances to clean up Gloucester! ‘Liking’ you all. 😉

    Here’s some info I thought was interesting from ‘beach cleanup’ in San Diego – More than 40% of the trash collected was cigarette butts; which are toxic to the environment and marine life –

    Cigarette butts seem to be the most common trash item on the streets of downtown Gloucester too. Last week I noticed Dane street was lined with cigarette butts along the curb. I visited Salem on Monday (final day of PEM’s amazing Rodin exhibit!) While there I noticed Salem’s cigarette disposal containers (‘butt bins’) along the streets of Salem. Maybe a good idea for Gloucester??

    September to November is the annual ‘Coast Sweep Clean-up’ – Gloucester’s clean-up initiatives are not include on the list. Maybe because Gloucester has year-round initiatives? Donna and Kiley, maybe you would like to include your initiatives on the state coast sweep clean-up list for more visibility and more volunteers. 🙂

    See you for Saturday’s clean-up – 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
    Later in the morning makes it easier for this ‘night owl’ to get there. Thanks for all you do to help keep Gloucester clean!


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