Donna Of the Woods. . .

Donna of the woods

and the sea.

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4 thoughts on “Donna Of the Woods. . .

  1. Marty and Donna thank you for sharing this beautiful day together, what a place for friends to talk and walk! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Wow what a beautiful day for a walk – and Donna is a very special person who is go outgoing and understanding when others need a boost to get off the rear end or was it the ground is hard but it takes that same hard ground to push yourself up when you fall! 🙂 Dave & Kim

    “Quote from a native Wisdom Keeper Partial only quoted from his blog!”

    “If you get too far away from your brother’s and sisters you will only see what separates you, not the thread of hunger to connect with the wonder and holy that lives in all of us!

    I read a quote by Bearheart one time that said “Take pride in your culture and self. Surround yourself with like friends. Refuse to be coerced into joining habits and events that would harm your mind, body and welfare. You and only you can make life good”. I could camp out in those few words for a lifetime and I know many of my troubles and worries would fade away.

    So to all of my relations, be good to yourselves and one another. Is it really as simple as do unto others……………………-
    Glenn Simmons”
    Living in the Spiral


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