Are we there yet Earth Day? Art Love & Harmony


Happy Earth Day! If you missed Patti Amaral’s every day is Earth Day letter to the editor  it’s a great way to begin your morning. Her letter made me think about this street art in Gloucester. Does anyone know who painted it and how it came about? Is it unique?

The mural is located out of sight behind Dunkin’ Donuts. I am a Dunkin regular. Admittedly a drive-thru is not a promising Earth Day post.  There’s a reward with this one: a sun dappled park scene where everyone and their dog are enjoying the open air, lunch, the sun, the moment–and they pick up after themselves!

Patti, Donna, Amy– in this world Everyone is pitching in, all lyrical limbs. There’s even a bit of  perspective.Ten years ago, the mural wrapped so you might not catch the whole story with just one queue. You’d need to drive through again and it wouldn’t bother you a bit. Over time, low and lush hydrangea beneath the mural were broken up and dispersed among planters. Small billboards with local advertising sprouted; it’s hard to find fault with that business effort. We hoped it was only a trial. It wasn’t. My young sons felt badly for the painting when ads were pasted right up to the mural’s edge and (eek!) atop. The day came when they said no way to that drive through. (We may have wrote the owners please move the signs a little more to the left and can you fix it?)

It’s been years and I forgot about the painting. The billboard clutter was drastically reduced. Unfortunately there’s no harmony in 104.9 smack dab in the middle of the painting. And is it churlish on Earth Day to wish that the 2 evergreen somethings that have grown too tall for that site could be cropped, instead of the image? If that sign (sorry 104.9) was scooched over and off…cue the Earth Day music.


Fifth Dimension’s 1969 chart topping Age of Aquarius – Let the Sunshine In. The clip includes scenes from Hair. My dear friend blasts this song first thing Earth Day morning. What’s on your Earth Day playlist?

3 thoughts on “Are we there yet Earth Day? Art Love & Harmony

  1. Well, 104.9 does have a connection to Gloucester. That was the frequency for WVCA (Voice of Cape Ann) that was run for many years by Simon Geller. I spent many hours behind the microphone of that station, which at the time had studios in the Douglas-Jordan Building, at the corner of Main and Duncan St, right across the street from Sterling’s Drug Store. It was a fun time….


  2. Simon Geller, aka marblemouth, was a real character. WVCA was a classical music format.
    The dust was thick in his studio. Old 78 rpm records were scattered everywhere. His cot was in the corner of the room.
    He would leave the station on when he walked to the A&P (now Walgreens) for a can of soup for his hotplate.
    You could hear the transmission hiss of dead air. He eventually sold the station for $1M and moved to NYC.
    Someone did a documentary about him. I applied for a job at WVCA in 1980. He told me he hadn’t hired anyone since 1964.
    I agree, the placement of the radio station sign smack dab in the middle of the mural is odd.
    North Shore Radio’s studio is now in North Beverly. Did you know Gloucester has another radio station?
    WWRN in Magnolia is a Christian station. 88.5FM It’s a satellite tower for Fitchburg’s WFGL 960 AM (For God’s Love?)


  3. Two posts say it all above listened to it on my transistor radio then…in Lanes cove or when out and about FM…That’s what made the station interesting never knew what may happen next. thought I had a dead battery 🙂 Dave


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