Dear Friends,

I am super excited to write that today I am launching the trailer for my monarch butterfly documentary, Beauty on the Wing: Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly. I hope so much you enjoy watching as much as I have loved creating!

I am asking a huge favor of all my Good Morning Gloucester, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friends and that is to please share the trailer, hit all like buttons, and if you have time, to please comment.

In seeking funding to finish the film, I am currently in the process of writing grant proposals. Recently, I was invited to join the Filmmakers Collaborative, which is a tremendous and well-respected organization that is providing excellent advice and will also act as the fiscal sponsor for the film. Each filmmaker represented by the Filmmakers Collaborative has a project page on the FC website and I invite you to visit mine here: Filmmakers Collaborative.

The next stages in finishing the documentary are title design, audio mixing, and color correcting. I’ll keep you posted on progress made through GMG, the film’s website, and my website.

Look for Pilar, Meadow, and Atticus in the trailer. They were wonderful and I am so appreciative of their assistance. There were additional kids from our East Gloucester troupe that participated in making the film however, I couldn’t squeeze them all in the trailer. I think you’ll love all the children’s parts in the finished film!

For more information about the documentary, please visit the film’s website here: Beauty on the Wing

My most sincerest thanks to everyone for your kind support!


  1. This is a lovely trailer and I wish you many blessings on the production of this film. I look for your photos every day on GMG as they truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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    1. Mary, I think it may because I had the trailer set to the wrong privacy settings last night. Please refresh your page and see if that helps. Can you please write back if you are still having problems. Thank you so much.


  2. Stunning and tactile! Love the shot of the butterfly swaying on the plant and another of the closeup velvety details. I remember the lyrical descent of the butterfly shot, past the ighthouse into field of view-still knocks my socks off

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    1. Thank you Anonymous!! That beautiful golden plant is Seaside Goldenrod and the very reason the butterflies are here on our shores in the fall! The velvety shot in the golden morning light was filmed in Gloucester, not Mexico. And that lighthouse scene took several hours of patiently waiting (I only add that because someone told me they assumed it was computer generated!) Thank you again.

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  3. Kim,

    You did a very good job on this documentary in flight in the wind always carries so many messages and changes to all corners of the world! I will pass it around and very much so like the music too! Writing the background is always harder but you will fly far with this and never know where the wind may end up or take journey and destination path in life full circle 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

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