Post Card of My ‘Hood

I do a lot of shopping on eBay.  Meaning that, while I don’t really shop a lot, when I do, it is often on eBay.  I stumbled upon a great “vintage” post card of Old Garden Beach and ordered it…thinking that it’d be fun to frame it next to one of my own photos of the quaint little beach at the end of our street.  My boys clocked some serious hours at OGB until this past summer when the lure of the bigger beaches came calling.  I loved the idea of owning a little freeze-framed moment of how the beach looked years ago…with different little families dotting the sand years before mine came along.  Warm fuzzies.

So, the post card has been tucked into a glass cabinet in our living room since arriving in the mail and it wasn’t until yesterday that I really looked at it.  Now I’m trying to find out just how “vintage” it is.  The people are actually kind of hard to see….and while they look like decades gone by….and while the post card itself is black and white…the houses along the beach wall and street up above don’t look much different than they do today.

The back of the post card simply says, “Published by Rockport Photo Bureau” and “Post Cards of Quality:  The Albertype Company, Brooklyn N.Y.

I’ll have to do some research.



8 thoughts on “Post Card of My ‘Hood

  1. love the then/now shots! Outfit was a big postcard producer. blank or split in two on the back? stamp? with the front white border– dates 1915-30

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  2. Just a wild guess, but it looks like it dates from the 1940s or maybe 1950s.
    If you enlarge it, there’s at least one old-looking car in the background (1940s?). But of course, who knows how old that car was when the photo was taken?

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  3. I would say above late 30’s or early 40’s I saw mom in a photo and it was similar type swimming suits – could be wrong… funny how pretty much stayed the same with a few changes over the years. 🙂 Dave


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