Pooper Scooper

Hi Joey. While enjoying a beautiful morning at Good Harbor Beach, I came across a cool & groovy neighbor making the beach a better place. How can the beach be better  you might ask? Well when it is not covered in poop it is a lovelier place for all. Jim Dowd arrived today with his son, dog, shovel & bucket.
Thank you Jim!!

See you soon!

16 thoughts on “Pooper Scooper

  1. Hey I love dogs…..it’s the careless owners I can’t stand. The one’s that can’t pick up after their dogs and the one’s that have no control over their dogs. I have always owned a dog, but never allowed them to chase or jump on a child or go near Anyone. I would not bring my young grandsons on Good Harbor beach in the off season for this reason. There is a dog park in Gloucester. Why should we allow dogs to run free on a beach when they can do that in a dog park. More than once I have had dogs jump on me at good harbor As well as long beach with not even ” I am sorry” from the dog owner. It is not about the dogs…it is about the ignorant dog owners.


  2. Even after Jim’s amazing work, there’s still poop everywhere. I was at GH with my family later in the afternoon and saw no less than 4 dogs squeezing one out and no one coming along to pick the stuff up. It’s gotten pretty gross out there lately. Obviously enough so that it drove Jim to grab his shovel and a large bucket. America’s most beautiful doggy toilet. We’ve got to do better.


  3. Odd. In Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec and half of Jan there was very little pooh on GH. Explain that. More leash laws won’t help as my road has pooh every five feet. Some people speed, drive without a license, throw things out the car window, don’t shovel their walk. We have seen the scoff laws and they are us.


  4. I walk or run GH Backshore daily and there is always dog waste. Not sure if people realize that dog waste is a major cause of shellfish contamination due to fecal coliform.


  5. Hate to say it but hit them in their wallet, fines is the only answer here as well as litterbugs too. If we want to have a clean city it needs to start with us. Donna did the right thing calling someone on it, now it is everyone’s turn to say enough is enough. Lets make this year the year to work to “Keep Our Home Port Clean”.


  6. We all have to be brave and speak up to owners who think they don’t have to pick up their dogs poop. I carry extra bags with me and offer them to the owner. If they still refuse, I pick it up myself. Eventually, there will be no dogs allowed on the beach if this situation is not rectified soon. My observation is that it has been particularly gross this year-poop everywhere.


  7. When I was younger, and much sillier, I used to scoop up an offender’s poop (talking about the owner not the dog), if I witnessed the action, and plop it onto the windshield of their car with a note that says, “I know how important your personal belongings are to you. You forgot this and I didn’t want you to leave without it. Sorry I plopped on the windshield. I usually plop it on the front seat but the door was locked”.
    I don’t know if it was effective but I felt a whole lot better.
    I have 2 dogs (Pomeranians) and I never go out for a walk without a zip lock baggy and 6 tissues. 5 is too few and 7 is too many.


  8. Probably these offenders are the same #%%^+*=’s who leave their trash on the beach in the summer. I wonder what would happen if the city hired a beach dog and trash person ~ like an old fashion “meter maid” to issue tickets to offenders ~ tying in to the dog tag number of the owner. Certainly this person would need a car to patrol all Gloucester beaches and be provided with a uniform and pension and yes ~ healthcare. If the dog owner did not pay the ticket the dog license would be rescinded ~ I could go on… Dog offenders ~ you have a beautiful place to walk your dogs ~ why are “YOU” pooping on it? Just wondering ~ do you flush your toilets?


  9. Bravo, Jim Dowd, son and dog, and all the other kind souls who are quietly going the extra mile as good citizens. In addition to the Mutt Mitt program volunteers who are keeping the dispensers provided by the City full, there are many, many others who are working hard, individually and in groups, to keep our beaches and the rest of our community clean of all sorts of litter. There is also a “Carry In Carry Out” policy in effect that impacts this whole situation. It would be lovely if anyone who has a complaint would also from time to time carry out a little more than their share. Sadly, there will always be those “drags on society” who do less.


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