Well Would You Look At That, A Beautiful GMG Painting From Sam Nigro


Wait Sam Nigro paints?????

You mean he does something other than fish 24/7 off his custom striper assassin boat?

True renaissance man right there!

Thanks a bunch Sam Smile

7 thoughts on “Well Would You Look At That, A Beautiful GMG Painting From Sam Nigro

  1. Beautiful Sam… still enjoying the the painting you
    You gave Libby and I of Glen Eagle entrance
    Thank you for giving Joey The GMG painting too


  2. Check out the oars that Sam has painted and which are hanging in the Cape Ann Savings Bank – lovely works of art. Sam also donated an oar to the City Hall Restoration Commission which we presented to the Mayor and which I believe is now hanging in the Mayor’s office.


  3. Sam Nigro has incredible natural talent, he is a true artist and shares his art generously. His works of art extend beyond the north shore classic scenes-historical images of Arlington and Winchester can be purchased in note card packs. These funds support adolescent and family services in Arlington.

    “Sam’s Oars” can be seen hanging throughout Cape Ann and beyond. Having one of his masterpieces is truly a gift, thanks Sam!


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