Breakfast Toast with Lemon Infused Goat Cheese & Fig Preserves



Oh My!….Have you tried this heavenly bread yet? …Put it on your grocery list this week…Best Whole Grain Bread I have ever tasted!


Breakfast Toast with Lemon Infused Goat Cheese & Fig Preserves



1  4 oz. package goat cheese
1 tablespoon freshly grated lemon rind
1  slice Swiss Muesli Whole Grain with Fruit, Nuts & Seeds
1 tablespoon fig preserves
2 large fresh basil leafs; chiffon cut

1 pinch freshly ground pepper


1  combine goat cheese, and lemon rind in small mixing bowl; blend cheese and rind together using the backside of dinner fork



2  toast bread; spread 1-2 tablespoon goat cheese evenly across toasted bread slice;  smear 1 tablespoon fig preserves over cheese; top with basil




This recipe is tasty enough to be served as a late afternoon snack or served as an hors d’oeuvres with a glass of your favorite wine!


Last week  my daughter Amanda and I each enjoyed a slice as a late afternoon snack during her short visit home form school!

Note ~ will keep refrigerated in airtight container up to seven days

7 thoughts on “Breakfast Toast with Lemon Infused Goat Cheese & Fig Preserves

  1. I eat virtually everything. But there is a molecule in goat cheese that makes my brain say “DANGER DO NOT EAT!”. After looking at this I am willing to give it another try.

    What’s that word that everyone hates? (So that makes it my favorite word.) This breakfast toast is AMAZEBALLS!


      1. My mother raised goats the 4-nubians (registered back in 70’s-80’s on the farm)…So lot’s of miliking in morning before school and after put them in pen. Goat milk is good for ulcers stomach, and does have a flavor of it’s own based sometimes on what the goats eat. The milk is more expensive also mom sold hers…Didn’t mind just the milk but I did not like it in my coffee…When flies come around while milking watch out as they land on hind leg of goat lift leg and seemed to always kick over the milk bucket when almost full what a mess you and the location milking. Watch your tree’s close to fields where you put them love to eat the leaves and peel the tree bark and eat it even with a full field of nice lush grass..:-)

        P.S. Stay away from the male billy goats – Phew and rub off the musk have to wash the clothes – they are a strange lot for sure! 🙂


  2. Good morning Felicia ~ all this cold and snow has me thinking of pumpkin pie! Could you please answer my question of November 28 ~ what is the first ingredient in the bottom crust of your ultimate pumpkin pie? Thanks ~


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