Savour Wine and Cheese ~ Taco Night VB6


If your New Year’s Resolution is to get Healthy,
Come to Savour Wine and Cheese
for a Discussion of the
“Vegan Before 6” Program
(launching Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014)
with Dr. Marcus Marlowe
formerly of the Mayo Clinic
specialist in treating illness with diet not drugs
Enjoy a full Taco buffet with homemade
tortillas, guacamole and all the fillings prepared by Chef Matt Beach
Thursday, January 9
7 – 9 p.m.
must RSVP
or email Kathleen
Anyone who signs up that night, can schedule a free consultation Friday, Jan 10 with Dr. Marlowe while he is in town.   He will also be available by email to answer any questions or concerns during the program.
The best way to prepare is to see your own physician and get your “numbers:” blood pressure, cholesterol with triglycirides, resting heart rate, C-reactive protein, and fasting blood sugar.  These are the measures of health and predictors of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
We at Savour and Beach Gourmet are very excited about this program, as we have been working on it for close to a year.  We have developed outstanding recipes, a very efficient exercise program that requires less than 20 minutes a day, and a stress-management guide.  Just 12 weeks and you can lose the weight you’ve been carrying around for too long and turn the corner on boundless renewed energy and optimal health!
At our January 9 meeting, I will outline all the aspects of the program, hand out the outline of the 12 weeks program of “almost vegan” foods to be prepared by Chef Beach’s culinary team, the workout plan, and work with Dr. Marlowe to answer all of your questions to help set you on the road to radiant health.  Bob (Morgan) and I will be doing the program right along with the rest of you – so let’s all have a spectacularly successful 2014.  Happy New Year!
Kathleen Erickson Morgan
Savour Wine and Cheese


One thought on “Savour Wine and Cheese ~ Taco Night VB6

  1. What an excellent program! I believe it is the key to good health and it is amazing how good a table set with various vegan dishes looks and tastes. I aspire to eat vegan (with a little seafood) and wish you great success. If I were in Gloucester I would be there.


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