My New Website

milkweed website copy final ©Kim Smith 2013

When you have a spare moment, I hope you’ll have a look at my new website at Kim Smith Designs. I think the wordpress theme Twenty Twelve is especially terrific for sharing photographs, films, and design projects. The Home page is my blog and above in the heading area are drop down menus highlighting current public design projects, new films, and more about my book Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities!

On the HarborWalk page there are photos and information about some of the wildflowers planted there, with photos of the butterflies that these native beauties were planted to attract. You will also find a link to join the Friends of the HarborWalk. We are looking for volunteer members. I am going to be giving lots of talks about wildflowers and butterflies for members at the gardens this upcoming season and while volunteering, it will be a great opportunity for you to become better acquainted with the flora and fauna indigenous to the Northeast

I hope you find all easy to navigate. Thank you so much for visiting my website!

5 thoughts on “My New Website

  1. Thank you very much for the advisory I will be going to the sites as recommended – although I may be in a far away place everywhere you have ever been you leave a part of yourself.

    A quote here -“Littlebird shares, “Over time, as an artist, storyteller and filmmaker, it became clear to me that telling stories had to be connected to the land, and I found myself once again back on the land, hunting-gathering, farming, and sitting around a small fire, sharing stories at a place called, Hamaatsa”. Hamaatsa is a Pueblo Indian word referring to a time arriving “now” within an indigenous experience.”



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