Maine Vacation Lobster Roll Roundup – Two of the Best Rolls Ever!

It is now a yearly tradition to head off to Maine for our family vacation. It is an ideal vacation spot for the kiddies; short trip and you feel like you are worlds away. Last year I reviewed 5 Lobster Rolls on a 5 day trip to Portland & Boothbay Harbor. This year we went to a less commercial area called Phippsburg. This area has 2 beaches that are in the same league as Good Harbor – Popham Beach And Reid State Park. My lobster intake on this trip disappointed my friends, only 3 rolls and a single 2 and 1/2 Pounder in 7 days. While disappointed with the numbers, I did experience 2 of the best rolls that stray a little bit from the Buttered Bun+Mayo+Lobster formula that is pounded into people’s head from this blog. Here is a round up:

5 Islands Lobster Co. – Georgetown                        This place is a close drive from Reid State Park in Georgetown. It is the quintessential Maine lobster shack that stands in front of a majestic coastal island setting. The lobster roll was no joke either. It was the first of two rolls that had no Mayo. It did have lettuce, which caused it to lose a few points, but the amount and freshness of the lobster was purely amazing. RATING: Rip that Lettuce off and give me a little bit of Mayo and you have one of the best rolls on the planet!

Check out their secret to their Lobster. Straight from the fisherman to tanks with no filters.

Reds Eats – Wiscasset 

I drove by this place last year and thought wow this place jut got lucky on location. You can’t avoid seeing Red’s Eats and the line if you are heading towards Boothbay. I took the trip this year and this place is indeed the real deal. They stuff a full pound of lobster in every roll. This is at a comparable price to other places advertising a full 1/4 lb of frozen lobster! The best tasting lobster I have ever tasted. This again strays a bit from the formula; No Mayo and they give you some melted butter.  I had overflow in my roll that was a full lobster tail. Everything ordered was awesome here. The lines are crazy here and they are brilliant for having only one cashier! RATING: This is a must visit for any Lobster Roll enthusiast. Everything about this roll rocks!

3rd Roll – Undisclosed Location

The third roll I tasted proves that even places in Maine try to stray away from the formula. I won’t mention the place, but celery and globs of mayo have no place on a Lobster Roll. RATING – When the chips on the plate are the highlight of a Lobster Roll you should probably concentrate on perfecting your Tuna or Chicken Salad!

There are a couple of other places and thing you have to try if you are ever in this part of Maine:

The Maine Maritime Museum in Bath is really a great place for all ages. We spent a whole morning there. They have a whole exhibit on the Lobster industry and it’s great.

Lears Old Fashioned Ice Cream in Wiscasset has real Lobster Ice Cream. 2 Lobsters in every 10 pints or so. It’s worth a try, but I don’t think you it will be coming to a freezer near you anytime soon.

Thanks for reading –  Patrick Ryan

6 thoughts on “Maine Vacation Lobster Roll Roundup – Two of the Best Rolls Ever!

  1. Red’s Eats made it on the Food TV a few years ago as the best lobster roll ever! I drive by it every year heading to Bat Harbor but the line is outrageous so I’ve never stopped.


    1. I have little ones so the key is to go at late afternoon or an early dinner. They do it by design I think. There is one person taking and handing out orders


  2. Patrick- Where did you stay? We will be in Georgetown in a few weeks for a friend’s wedding and staying at Grey Havens Inn. I may have to make a detour just to try some lobster ice cream.


    1. We rented a house near Sebasco Harbor resort.. Georgetown is great. Gtown Pottery, 5 Island and Reid state park are great spots. The lobster ice cream is a little further past the exit in wiscasset next to reds eats. It’s a great local old fashioned ice cream shop run by great people.


  3. This was posted on Yahoo News this morning:


    The McLobster is pretty much lobster meat shoved in a hot dog bun with “McLobster sauce” and shredded lettuce. Like its much more successful compatriot the McRib, it appears every once in a while across the country as a promotion, only to vanish weeks later.

    The fabled McLobster drew some hype earlier this year when rumors swirled about its reappearance nationwide. It’s currently only available in parts of New England and eastern Canada.

    There are a couple factors that gutted the McLobster’s hopes of making it to the big time. It costs a hefty $5.99, which consumers are reluctant to pay for a single sandwich. Plus, it’s incredibly difficult to market a “quality” shellfish item at a fast food joint.

    Never made it to SoCal


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