Daniel B. Stepenuck Railroad Crossing and Leader of the Band

Founder and Lead Singer for “Hush” he also had a passion for beautification.

Read the story below by Elaine Persons, and view slide_show of the Daniel B. Stepenuck Railroad Crossing.


Hi Joey,    I am resending the short story we talked about.  I would like you to take a picture of the place I am referring to.  It is the Railroad Tracks at Cedar Street .My house is 112 Pleasant Street and the train runs very close to my fence. My husband and I bought this property seven years ago and it was in bad of need of repair inside and out. He passed away three years ago. I came close to loosing this property and was not able to finish the work he started along the tracks. The MBTA put up a sign in his name for the work he did complete he loved the train.Our intent was to clean this area of all the trash and debris and place flowers there. He even had the neighbors helping to pick up the trash (tons) we disposed of it at our expense. A year ago I meet a woman who not only became a very dear friend she had given me lessons on gardening. She has asked me to help her scale down her beautiful garden and in return has given me many beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs, bulbs.I have planted them along the tracks my husband started to beautify. Because of her knowledge and generosity I have been able to completed what he started.It the most sorrowful time of my life I found someone who was willing to share knowledge, generosity and friendship with someone she had just met and barley knew.We now share gardening, music witch is something my husband and I shared, she is teaching me to play his guitar, and we share music as a business as well as personal entertainment.It is so wonderful to know there are people out there who care and share their whole being.I could never thank Sheila Jones Schrank enough for all she has given me.But you can be sure I do thank her every chance I get.

Elaine C Persons

Click on photo for slide_show

Note: Elaine continues with love and song in her heart by singing with the “Honky Tonk Women” and as one of the “The Everly Sisters”

6 thoughts on “Daniel B. Stepenuck Railroad Crossing and Leader of the Band

  1. Elaine is a wonderful person (and boy can she sing!), as was her husband, Dan. They both put others above themselves and this is just one of the ways it shows. Am so glad Dans vision for his home, life with Elaine and neighborhood lives and flourishes.


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