Audio We Talk About The Liberated Lobsters On The Bob and Sheri Radio Show In Charlotte


Click the link below to hear the audio interview
Joey C Interviewed by Bob and Cheri In Charlotte

It is also available online at on the front page.

I also had interviews with a guy named mancow, another with David Pierce in Seattle who was a guy that used to be on WFNX in Boston (I could be wrong), and some others that I forget.  Terrible I am.

17 thoughts on “Audio We Talk About The Liberated Lobsters On The Bob and Sheri Radio Show In Charlotte

    1. They all do. It’s par for the course when you have a name like ours. i would have liked to have talked to them and give them our side of the story.


  1. Great interview!

    I meant to call you yesterday after I heard them talking about it on WFNX. I was going to get in touch with The Breakfast Show DJ (Fletcher) there to set up an interview, but by the time I got around to it, the story had already gone viral and I figured you would be inundated with interviews. Let me know if you still want me to.



  2. I just got caught up on the buddhist lobster dustup in the media. Wow. I’ll bet GMG’s stats jumped through the roof,

    Way to go, Joey…Pure genius on both yours and the lobster crew’s part. And nice use of the camera and mount…

    On a more somber note, the post brought back memories of the 1960’s news photographs of Buddhist monks in Saigon resorting to the ancient ritual of self-immolation to protest the Viet Nam War.

    After being doused with gasoline by fellow monks, they sat on the streets immobile, stoic and cross-legged, until they died.

    The ritual explained:

    Images anyone over 40 years old will remember:


    1. It isn’t about the stats and it isn’t about genius. We’re just trying to have fun and make people laugh in a satirical kind of way. Folks that aren’t from coastal communities understandably wouldn’t understand that the probability of catching the same lobsters even IF they knew where they were released would be next to impossible.


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