Did You Know? (Islandia off Wonson’s Cove)

Photo by E.J. Lefavour

That the “Islandia” superyacht, designed in Holland by Tony Castro and Peter Sijm, has an overall length of 41.60 meters (136’) by 7.88 meters (just under 26’) in width, and was made using steel for the quickwork and aluminum for the upper works?  Her design prescribes the presence of a bulbous keel with a composite sailing boat that has made it possible to reduce the draft to only 3.5 meters. All the interiors are in mahogany wood, matched with beige color upholstery and furnishings. The large living room, at the center of the boat, extremely bright thanks to the numerous glass surfaces, offers a spacious area with TV and dining table able to accommodate 10 persons. Astern of this room are the three guest staterooms, each with its own bathroom, and the boat owner’s stateroom. This latter stateroom is a true suite, with two large twin beds and a smaller bed, a lounge with an L-shaped sofa, a desk and a wardrobe, and is provided with a bathroom with a separate shower compartment. At the bow of the living room there is a large on-board galley, almost professionally equipped, the crew dining area and their cabins, each with separate shower and bathroom. From this area the crew gains direct access to the deck, to the engine room and to the technical area where all the systems for the correct operation and maintenance of the boat are situated. This allows for a maximum level of privacy.  (Nautica)

Cool little boat to tool around in, wouldn’t you agree?   

E.J. Lefavour


5 thoughts on “Did You Know? (Islandia off Wonson’s Cove)

    1. this would be a Ketch rig…the aft mast (the Mizzen) is shorter than the forward one (the Main) and the Mizzen is stepped forward of the rudder post…if it were stepped aft of the rudder post it would be a Yawl…

      a Schooner rig would have the taller masr, aft (the Main) and the forward mast (the Foremast) shorter…

      hope this helps…


  1. The Islandia just arrived here in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, very impressive, any idea who the owner is. seems very secretive.


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