Easter Peeps and a Hundred Days

I’ve led a very sheltered life since I have never put Easter Peeps in a microwave before. I corrected this missing part of my life this Easter.

It’s true, they plump when you cook them. After about 30 seconds I thought I was going to have peep faces squished up against the door but they ran out of steam at about four times normal size.

I tried to get my daughter to pop one in her mouth right out of the microwave but she wasn’t falling for it. Here I am twisting one of the peeps head off. They are actually edible after waving. I let this plate sit overnight and it became as hard as a rock. I might be able to use microwaved peeps to plug a hole in my basement.

This plateful of peeps is so colorful I now have it hanging on a wall. Peep Art.

Changing Gears: Today marks one hundred days until the Blackburn Challenge My training regimen only allowed me to eat one peep.

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