A New Addition!

Joey Added A New Vessel To The GMG Fleet.

 The Plan is for Joey to Captain the Self Named Sailboat Around New England to

Promote The Good Morning Gloucester Blog.

At the Christening Joey Proclaimed “The USS Numbnuts Unsinkable!”

Fair Winds Joey!

I think I’ll Skip the Voyage This Year.

The USS Numbnuts


Tigerfish Are Rockin!

From Pauline Breshnehan-

Hi everyone, Today the Gloucester/Ipswich Tigerfish varsity gymnastics team who were Seeded 7th. at the North Sectionals competed today and with a 3rd place finish they have now qualified for the State meet which will be held on March 3,2010 at the DCU Center in
Worcester MA. They will be competing on the same podium as the American Cup gymnastics which will be held the same week consisting of many of the USA’s mens and womans olympic teams.
The team scored a total of over 140.0 for the meet and were up against 11 of the best teams in the North. Tigerfish girls were up against teams that were up to 3x’s the size of our squad but Tigerfish’s experience and consistant performances by each of the girls was the key to their success.

Gloucester/Ipswich Tigerfish L-R
Meg Bresnahan GHS, Kate Pardo GHS, Mary Krathwohl IHS, Leah Carlson GHS, Kiley Aiello GHS, Captain Kelly Benson GHS,
Captain Liana Jaeger IPS and Coach Helen Bess.

There is Hope. From Lin Chandler

Hi again… This isn’t a great image, but these little guys have been growing on the other side of the front doors for weeks as well here at 222 Arts & Wellness Center, out on Eastern Ave. What little soldiers they are! Some are hyacinths, some snow crocus…. the ground feels like cement to me! Enjoy! Lin Chandler

Heather At Menage Gallery Gives The Joint A Facelift

You look up the word worker bee in the dictionary and you see a picture of Heather Demarkis.  The broad just doesn’t stop.  Buzzing around sweping in front of the building, buzzing around dusting, buzzing around painting. 

She’s a good one that Heather Demarkis. 

A real asset to Gloucester’s Downtown. Buzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Heather At Menage Gallery Gives The Joint A Facelift, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Fort Square Cafe Linguica Omelet


Always a great breakfast.  Always great conversation.  Always real Gloucester people hanging out.  A real community breakfast joint in the heart of Fort Square.   I love this place. 

Fort Square Cafe Linguica Omelet, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Behind the Scenes – taping GMG at Gallo Productions – Part 1

This behind the scenes is a sort clip of some of the initial set up that goes into the taping process.  There are many instructions, and setting up lighting, microphones, where to sit, and most important WHAT NOT TO DO.


Gallo Productions and Joe Langhan

Yesterday morning we banged out three interview style short videos at Gallo Productions located at 11 Center St. 

The team of Joe Langhan who was involved with starting the Food Network and Gianni Gallo who owns and operates Gallo Productions are producing serious video in house.  I never knew it existed at this location and I certainly had no idea of the scope of Gianni’s work which takes him all over the world. 

There are no signs on the building to tell you what is going on in there.  Hell even my third guest Jonathan Pope- co-president of the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association couldn’t find it even after walking up and down the street for a good while.

Once you enter the doors and see the production facility and how professional the whole set up is you would be proud to have these types of pros part of the working culture of our City.   These aren’t hacks like me, this is an internnational media business and it is based right out of our City of Gloucester.

I want to reiterate something so that it sinks in in case I didn’t drive it home the first time.  Today’s technology means that this type of production facility and these types of talented media magnates such as Gianni Gallo and Joe Langhan do not need to locate here.  They can broadcast Hi Definition television from Boston, New York, LA- wherever they chose.  The content that Gianni films is all over the world.

But they chose to work here.  In Gloucester.  That should tell you something.  This is a great place we have here my friends.