Ryan and Wood Release Premium Folly Cove Rum Video

Manuel Simoes Captures my interview with Bobby Ryan at The Ryan and Wood Distillery in Historic Gloucester Massachusetts.

Oh and BTW- that is not a fart about 3/4 of the way through the video. It’s the Bean giving me a zerbert on my neck while I’m conducting this very professional interview.

I wonder where she gets her sense of humor?


Thursday NIGHT!!!-Good Morning Gloucester Farm Bar and Grille Corn Dog Challenge

It’s On Baby!!!!   We are still looking for a few contestants to round out the slots.   If you have someone you would like to spoonsor (for free) let me know and we will pimp your organization during the introductions and throughout the videos!

Be there it’s gonna be a blast!

Good Morning Gloucester Farm Bar and Grille Corn Dog Challenge, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Debbie Clarkes AHHT! It’s What I Do.

 Debbie Clarke  “AHHT! It’s What I Do”

This is an example of a reverse painted light box.  probably constructed in the 40’s.  This is not called verre eglomise because there is not foil or leaf attached to the glass.  it is simply oil paint applied to the glass.  the closest details painted first.  the second picture is a close-up of the painting showing the deep shadows created  by the paint.  the paint is peeling from the glass due to the constant heating and cooling of the glass.  there are fancy adhesives one could use to reattach the minute flakes of paint.  my instinct is to rub away the dry residue and repaint the whole thing.  then, change the light attachment to a led with a battery switch (non heat emitting).  then gild the frame.
 The subject of this painting exemplifies the rules of ‘courtship’.  These french style scenes were frequent patterns on wall papers of the 19/20th century. The craft (reverse painting) is known as ‘fancy women’s work’.  This is the work ‘refined’ women did to occupy their minds, other examples of fancy women’s work is Memento Mori (hair braided jewelry). 

 This ‘light box’ is available for sale at Bananas.  I’m trying to decide whether or not to buy it and put it to my own use.

AHH! Love is in the Air!


Another Magpie Nest

For More Debbie Clarke Art Info!


City Hall Alive Presents- St. Patrick’s Dance

Sarah Slifer Writes In-

Hi Joey,

Here’s a great benefit event for the Restoration of City Hall – the follow up event from the people who brought the Bananas Fashion Show last November. They (Jan Bell, Kathy Slifer, and others from the Restoration Commission) are now producing events under the name City Hall Alive. Can you post this poster please?

thanks, Sarah S