Love my Truck

As most know, in December my truck slipped out of park and ended up in the Annisquam River at high tide.  I was there to try and get a sunset photo but then the truck started to roll.  I want to thank Tally’s for helping getting my truck out of the river, Gloucester Auto Body for their patience and doing such a great job making my truck look brand new, Babson Ewell and Sean at Extreme Auto for checking everything making sure no mechanical damage.

Beth Van Duzer sends a doozy of a thank you and JAWS THIS WEDNESDAY HARBORWALK CINEMA

Cat Ryan submits-

Hi Joey,

Over 1000 people attended the Lego Movie Wednesday night. Gloucester Stage sponsored a fun one. Markouk sold out. Jaws is presented by Cape Ann TV. Great job Matt Coogan, Community Development, Carol Thistle, Mack and Zak; North Shore 104.9 team; Wenham Museum; and Rob Newton Cape Ann Community Cinema for the community through art.

Joey, but wait; there’s more. You and several GMG contributors, and other Gloucester residents, generously contributed content for the HarborWalk. Enjoy the feedback by a grateful mom who took time to write a memorable note to Mayor Kirk and the City.

Plus, photos from David Cox and a super cool lego prize from Cat Barbagallo.

From Carol Thistle, Senior Project Manager for the City, sharing a note from the City Website:

“I thought GMG readers would be interested to see this great thank you note that Mayor Kirk received from Beth van Duzer; her children won a HarborWalk Certificate at Wednesday night’s Lego Movie as part of the HarborWalk Summer Cinema Series. Many children participated in the HarborWalk challenge, and fourteen youth completed all story posts making them official “HarborWalk Explorers”.  In addition to the certificate all the kids received a HarborWalk goodie bag filled with prizes, including a special “Ten Pound Island” Lighthouse Lego designed by Cat Barbagallo. Bring in your completed sheets next week! Here’s the note

Greetings Mayor Kirk.
I just wanted to tell you what a joy it was to complete the Gloucester Harbor Walk. My friend, Mary-Clare Dalzell, was born and raised in Gloucester. It was her idea to go to the outdoor movie where we heard about the Harbor Walk. My daughter, Lucy, has autism and Mary-Clare’s son, Lee, was born with some medical issues so we did drive the children around to the markers that were further off the beaten path. I just wanted to share with you some of our experiences.
We started off our search up at Stage Fort Park. We parked in the 20 minute parking area asked in the visitor center if they knew where the marker was. They either really didn’t know or did an amazing job at making us believe they didn’t know – either way they didn’t tell us where the marker was. We left the visitor center and roamed around a bit, looking near Tablet Rock and down by the water, but we were unsuccessful. As we returned to the visitor center Lee noticed the pillar, right at the end of the visitor center’s drive. Two of the children were instantly exuberant as they each made their rubbings and we happily returned to the car, followed by a police officer. Apparently, we were close to the 20 minute time limit and were really, really close to getting a ticket. The officer was very nice and probably got a chuckle out of our antics and, most importantly, we didn’t get a ticket.
We moved on to the markers down the road where, I must say, we found lots of parking. Some of it was only 15 minute parking but that was enough for our clown car adventure of having the children and parents jump out of a minivan, run down to a marker, make the rubbing – try to make the children read a bit about the marker – and jump back into the car for the next marker. Whilst on the walk Mary-Clare found a photo of her Grandfather and Lee took a selfie with the photo. Lucy found a boat named Lucy and took a photo with it. Lola took time to stop and smell the flowers at the memorial garden.
The best part for the children was when they found the markers all together along Rogers St. Each child (yes, even the two 12-year-olds) delighted in running to be the first to claim a rubbing. From this Harbor Walk my children and I saw parts of Gloucester we had never seen before and I found out where to park – which is almost everywhere. Lucy, Lola (my other daughter), and Lee had a grand time. Mary-Clare and I probably had more fun than the kids, by the end of the day they were a little cranky since our mission was to complete the Harbor Walk in one day, which we did. I homeschool my girls. We are studying Medieval History this year, and I already told them we will revisit Hammond Castle and the Joan of Arc statue when we reach that point in our curriculum.
As Mayor you probably receive a lot of complaints. I just wanted to make sure you knew how much fun we had. It was fabulous that our children were able to meet you last night and all the children were ecstatic with their prize bags. Lucy has already announced that she will be displaying the Ten Pound Island Lego lighthouse in her room. Lola can’t wait to show up for the Jaws movie in her Gloucester Harbor Walk t-shirt and hat. Thanks again to the City of Gloucester for creating an adventure that anybody can take part in. Thank your for posing with photos with the children and rewarding them for completing the walk. It was definitely one of the highlights of this summer.
Best regards,
Beth van Duzer”

Sold Out Again- Thank You GMG Community

Well the first batch of 100 sold out in three days so I reordered 50 and am keeping 10 for myself.  I’m not going to take any more orders but I have a few (6 or so) that I’ll keep for folks if they want to pick them up here at the dock- first come first served.

TO CLARIFY ALL OF THE DVD’s are THE SAME none of them in the first or second batch have Saturday Greasy Pole or The Why I Love Gloucester Interviews.  If I order another batch the new batch won’t have those chapters in the either.

If enough people write in on the comments on this post that they wanted to buy some I’ll consider putting in an order for another 50.

I want to thank all the folks that ordered them and despite my mess up of sending in the wrong master copy to the duplicator and the DVD missing those two chapters (out of 21) we actually sold a record number yesterday and after contacting some folks about the mess up we didn’t have a single person cancel their order.

I still believe that this DVD is unlike anything ever produced that captures so much of the essence of Gloucester despite it missing the Saturday Greasy Pole (it still has the Friday 2011 Greasy Pole).

Here is a preview of the opening chapter featuring background music from Dan King put to a slide show of my favorite Gloucester at Dawn Photos in widescreen format-

I’m taking the order form down as well so if you didn’t order one you can let me know that you intended to and I may place another order if there is enough interest on Monday.

Here’s the details from yesterday:

The DVD is still awesome but thought I should let people know about it.  If the reason you bought one was because out of the 21 Chapters those two were critical to your decision to purchase one I will issue you a refund before I ship them.

They look great and I’m thrilled with the results of how they play and Beth Swan’s cover arrangement, I just must have slipped one of the test DVD’s into the envelope when it went to the duplication company.  It still has the Friday Greasy Pole, the mutant lobsters, the Novenas, The Gloucester at Dawn Video with Dan King’s music to it, The Good Harbor Zen videos, Down in The Fish Hold of The Captain Domenic, and more.

Just thought I’d let y’all know before I ship them though in case that was why you bought one.

I’ll be writing a check out for $132 for the Greasy Pole rebuilding fund.  We ordered 150 total DVD’s, I’m keeping 10 for myself and 8 DVD’s were given as extras when people ordered 5 and got one free and one person who ordered 10 and got two free and I assume the 6 extra DVD’s that are unsold will sell so I added them into the total as if they were sold and paid for.

Savour Wine and Cheese // Thank You For Your Support!

Kathleen Powers Erickson and Robert A. Morgan write-

Hello everyone,

Many of you now know of the fire at Savour last Thursday night.  The cause was a misplaced lit cigarette in an upstairs apartment.  Both Beach Gourmet and Savour Wine and Cheese lost everything.  Because the adjacent building went up in flames, 5 families are now homeless.  So, this has been quite traumatic for many of us.  However, no one was injured.  We are doing well and WE WILL REBUILD as soon as possible (not in this location)!

full night fire

Just to let you know, Matt, John, Bob Morgan, my partner, and I are discussing a full business partnership, in which the concept of Savour might be expanded to include catering, cooking demonstrations and classes, as well as prepared foods.  We have also looked at several properties and expect to sign a deal for a new location in Gloucester some time this week.  Of course, we cannot get going again until we settle with the insurance company, so that may take some time.  BUT – it is our hope to reopen before Thanksgiving, so say a prayer for that, please.

Many of you have asked how you can help.  First, as I have no income, I am still going ahead with the wine classes.  The 5-part series will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at Alchemy (3 Duncan St.) at 7:30 pm.  I still have a few places available and would like a full class.  (In fact, if we have more than 12 signed up, I will hold another session on a different day, Monday or Thursday evenings).  Call my cell at 312 286-1924 to sign up, or just send an email –  Being able to teach, to go on, and to earn a little income would be a tremendous help right now.  If you would like a flyer on the class, which you can pass along, just email me, and I will send it.

Also – as I mentioned, we are looking for new space, so contact me if you see something that might work for our new location.

Finally, some of Matt and John’s personal chef clients have contacted them to suggest a fundraiser, so as I learn more details, I will let you know.  Matt will cook, and I can provide wine and give a presentation.  I will write again soon, and will keep everyone posted.  We don’t want you to forget about us!

So, thank you once again for all your wonderful support.  We will rise again out of the rubble to be bigger, better, and stronger!


Kathleen Powers Erickson and Robert A. Morgan


Clean City Initiative Earth Day Thank You’s


Patty Amaral Writes-

Hello Joe, First time posting on your site and I love it, thanks for all the great info you are getting out. If you could put these pictures up and my earth day thank you that would be great, thanks so much for all you do. Oh, the three women volunteers with the recycling sticker are cleaning Ferry Street, and the rain gear crew is cleaning Burnham’s field, thanks so much.  Patti Amaral Clean City Initiative  

Thank You

The Clean City Initiative would like to thank the die hard volunteers that came to our city- wide earth day cleanup at Stage Fort Park. It was not the ultimate weather out that day and to see all the hard workers that came to clean our city, well it was amazing. Special thanks goes out to Sharon Kishida from the DEP for her expertise in helping to coordinate getting the word out about our cleanup and the concert. From posters to recycling pins and more, Sharon got the job done.

Thanks to Chelsea Berry, Pete Lindberg, Jake Pardee, Charlee Bianchini and James Buhrendorf who put on a wonderful earth day concert for everyone at the Cape Ann Brew Pub. Louise Welch for designing the concert earth day posters for the concert and Hiltz Disposal for the recycling pins. The Beacon, Gloucester Daily Times, Good Morning Gloucester, Cape Ann T.V., Chamber of Commerce and Gloucester Maritime Center for advertising the event. The Willow Rest donated generously to the Food Pantry as we asked volunteers to bring fresh fruits and vegetables in honor of earth day.

Thanks go out to:

Barbara Anderson, Damon Cummings, Diane and Alex Sousa, Matt Sydlowski, Noah Ashe, Laura Frontiero, Bill Hellmuth, Jane Sweet, Charlie Shutt, Patricia Petel and Jonathan Cunanan who cleaned Stage Fort Park

John Steiger and volunteers (Smith Cove), Susan Frey (East Gloucester), Mary Weissblum (East Gloucester), Ed Collard (Main St.) Barry Moir (Western Ave), Jane Sweet and Joyce and Henry Beaudet ( Concord St.), Holly Tanguay, (Raffes Chasm), Kenny MacCarthy (Centennial and High School Parking Lot), The Marble Road Conservation area team are Brian Barry, Charlie Olson, Mila Barry, Willow Barry, Nicole Bosin, Lila Olson, Jason Grow, Matilda Grow, Maisie Grow, Jemimah Grow, Katie Doane ( Marsh between the railroad bridge and C.A Marina), Jerry Ackeman (Western Ave around Fresh Water Cove), Sandee Eaton, Deb McComiskey (Essex Ave.), Polly Hickey ( along Good Harbor Beach), Win Story, Darlene Story, Diane Story, Rebecca Dowd, Brandi and Liz Bennet, Jim Dowd, Healy and Teala Bailey cleaned Swinson’s Field, Celia Beauparlant and family ( Fort Square), Cindy Hendrickson (Boulevard), The Burnham’s field cleanup crew are John, Aria, Luke, and Ruby McElhenny, Jennifer Hale, Mary Lou Pascucci, Dianne Waff-Thomas, Emma Thomas and Emily Moore, Maureen Malloy (Good Harbor), Tyler Knight (Pavillion Beach), Laurel Tarantino (The Fort), Donna Ardizzoni (Raffes Chasm), The Ferry Street Gang are Cindy Caffasso, Barbara McCarthy, Peter Mckinnon, Linda Martin and Deb Sacco, Chelsea Barry and John Henry Berg ( Magnolia Beach), Goose Cove cleanup organized by Citizen Water Committee ( Watch 20) Joan Kimberly, Russell Hobbs, Melissa Hobbs, Sean Brennan, Jack, Melissa Mooradian, John Guptill, Ted Smith and Larry Durkin Wayne Williams (Niles Beach) and Nancy Sullivan (Atlantic Road to Good Harbor) and Rose LoPiccolo and the D.P.W. for supplying the yellow bags and picking them up.

Remember every day is earth day and we should respect our beautiful earth and city, there are many more wonderful volunteers that I know I have missed and I’d like to say thank you to you and all you do to help us to “Keep Our Home Port Clean”.

Patti Amaral

Clean City Initiative

April 27, 2011 011

St Ann Auction Committee Says Thank You

St Ann School of Cape Ann would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to the community for its assistance in raising $25,000 during its annual auction in October. Without your continued support and generosity events like this would not be possible. The funds raised will be used to further the schools pursuit of academic excellence with an emphasis on a value based curriculum. St Ann’s has had strong ties to the community since its inception and we look forward to your continued support at next year’s event.


2010 St Ann Auction Committee

Thank You

I want to thank all of you.  I want to thank our readers. I want to thank our contributors.  I want to thank my family.  I want to thank our fishermen and local merchants, our local politicians, people that have worked on the Block Parties, The Flowerbox competition, the GMG Tree Project, the Gorilla Art Project media presentations, the Matteo Russo Family Fundraisers, the fellow bloggers, Senator Tarr, Senator Ann Margaret Ferrante, Congressman Tierney and the folks at Action Inc.  There are so many people that have played a role in GMG and if I haven’t listed you let me tell you that I truly feel blessed for this whole community we’ve built.

Thank You, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Last night I was supposed to go to Action Inc’s annual dinner to receive a community outreach award which by itself was a great honor.  Senator Tarr received an award and the big man of the evening was really Bill Rochford who received the Lyndon B Johnson award for his over 40 years of building Action and steadfastly helping those less fortunate.

I was told by the lovely Ronna that I’d be giving a little talk and I went in without any plan for a speech.  Reading off a piece of paper is not my style and my theory on giving speeches is that I’d rather give a passionate speech from the heart without trying to memorize anything even if I make a bunch of mistakes.  I want people to know when I speak, I’m all in.  I let adrenalin take over and let it fly.

Well I knew my time was coming to get up and receive my award and I started to panic a tiny bit so I decided to go to the bar and get something stiff to settle me down.  I asked the barmaid for something really really strong and confided in her that I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say when I got pulled up on stage.  Thankfully she obliged and poured me a 3/4 of a glass of captain morgan and a dash of diet coke.

Well Senator Bruce Tarr gets his award first and if you’ve ever heard Bruce you know he’s as slick and polished of a speaker as they come.  I knew I’d have to bring the thunder if I wanted to make an impact.  As a matter of fact the first things I said once the lovely Ronna introduced me was “lucky Me I get to be the guy who follows Bruce”

So I went right in and spoke from the heart.  I didn’t want to take too much time because really this was Bill Rochford’s night.  I got chocked up about mid-way through because I was thinking about how blessed I have been.  You’ll see the video tomorrow morning.

So after I accepted my award and shook hands I headed back to my seat but they weren’t done with me.

They told me to stay put and then one after another- Bruce gave me a special recognition from the Massachusetts Senate, Sefathia presented me with another special recognition from the Massachusetts Senate from Ann Margaret, and then another from The US Congress Special Recognition award from Congressman Tierney.  I was slightly embarrassed and completely blindsided as I thought I was only there to receive the award from Action Inc.

But the bottom line is that even though I was being recognized for Community Outreach, the fact is that I wouldn’t have kept at it if it weren’t for all the folks listed in the first paragraph.

If you’re reading this- I owe it all to YOU.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life.

-Your Pal Joey