Savour Wine and Cheese // Thank You For Your Support!

Kathleen Powers Erickson and Robert A. Morgan write-

Hello everyone,

Many of you now know of the fire at Savour last Thursday night.  The cause was a misplaced lit cigarette in an upstairs apartment.  Both Beach Gourmet and Savour Wine and Cheese lost everything.  Because the adjacent building went up in flames, 5 families are now homeless.  So, this has been quite traumatic for many of us.  However, no one was injured.  We are doing well and WE WILL REBUILD as soon as possible (not in this location)!

full night fire

Just to let you know, Matt, John, Bob Morgan, my partner, and I are discussing a full business partnership, in which the concept of Savour might be expanded to include catering, cooking demonstrations and classes, as well as prepared foods.  We have also looked at several properties and expect to sign a deal for a new location in Gloucester some time this week.  Of course, we cannot get going again until we settle with the insurance company, so that may take some time.  BUT – it is our hope to reopen before Thanksgiving, so say a prayer for that, please.

Many of you have asked how you can help.  First, as I have no income, I am still going ahead with the wine classes.  The 5-part series will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at Alchemy (3 Duncan St.) at 7:30 pm.  I still have a few places available and would like a full class.  (In fact, if we have more than 12 signed up, I will hold another session on a different day, Monday or Thursday evenings).  Call my cell at 312 286-1924 to sign up, or just send an email –  Being able to teach, to go on, and to earn a little income would be a tremendous help right now.  If you would like a flyer on the class, which you can pass along, just email me, and I will send it.

Also – as I mentioned, we are looking for new space, so contact me if you see something that might work for our new location.

Finally, some of Matt and John’s personal chef clients have contacted them to suggest a fundraiser, so as I learn more details, I will let you know.  Matt will cook, and I can provide wine and give a presentation.  I will write again soon, and will keep everyone posted.  We don’t want you to forget about us!

So, thank you once again for all your wonderful support.  We will rise again out of the rubble to be bigger, better, and stronger!


Kathleen Powers Erickson and Robert A. Morgan