Back to the Birds — pat morss

Winter birds are settling into their seasonal routines.

Our Mockingbird welcomes us back to Niles Pond – at eye level
A Merganser fly-by
On this dive, a Merganser comes up with a fish
And gobbles it down
Another is just enjoying a nap on the calm pond
A Mallard pair is oblivious to sleet starting to fall
Mom Mallard is sipping fresh water from ice-melt
While Dad snoozes
He then waddles into the water for a dunking
Pops up refreshed, sheathed in water
Remember the saying “…like water rolling off a duck’s back”?
Drying his head with feathers, for lack of a towel
Back at our Nyjer seed feeder, the Golfinches celebrate their good fortune
The second seating is for house sparrows, but the kitchen is running low

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