via @bostonsportsinf and to put in perspective how spoiled we are as Boston Sports Fans- “January 5, 1997 Patriots win their FIRST home playoff game in their 36-year team history”


The MLCC ‘secretly’ presents The Magnolia Library Speakeasy on Saturday, February 11th. Join us for a night of dancing to live music from one of Gloucester’s favorite bands, Mystery Meat! Cash Bar (Beer/Wine) and delicious food for sale from Meat and Sweet Foods to top off the night. Grab a gang of friends and get tickets to this one quick! What’s better than a night out that is also a fundraiser for your local community center?

PS: Dressing the part is always welcome at library events!

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GloucesterCast 617 Live From Fleur Cuisine On T Wharf Rockport MA 1/5/23

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New product

Trying something new out for Ardizzoni Photography.  A Beach towel with the name of the photo.  Looking at this should have put the lettering in White.  This is Good Harbor Beach.  Thinking of doing this for all locations of the photos I take.  Any suggestions.  Not a great photo.  Thank you

Pen to Paper

I work most often on my computer at work and my laptop at home, but there is something super satisfying about pen to paper and I find that is how I still need to most often organize my thoughts and notes and lists. At work I have a notebook for different jobs and responsibilities and they recently have all become shabby and torn. If how excited I was to unpack these crisp new notebooks yesterday is wrong, I don’t want to be right. New year, new notebooks…. let’s go.

Memories From 1943

When I was a teenager, I found the poetry of Gordon Parks and was awestruck. So maybe you can imagine my surprise and delight when I learned THE Gordon Parks had a photography assignment right here in Gloucester for the Office of War Information. I came across these photos in the Library of Congress digital collection (search Gloucester Massachusetts) which has been covered previously in this blog by Catherine Ryan back in 2014-Link here: They are all from June 1943, almost 80 years ago. I thought some of our readers might remember or recognize these families or fishing vessels.

They include Franasco Parisi, youngest member of the F/V Alden; Frank Mineo, owner F/V Alden, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lopez, fish skinner with 2 sons in the service; Antonio Milietello, oldest crew member F/V Alden; 4 generations of the Machado family (Mary Machado, Isabell Lopez, Irene, Francis, Dorothy Sr. and Dorothy Jr.); and 97 year old Mary Machado grandmother to 11 in the service. Each photo includes a brief description so I have included one of those for reference. The emphasis on men in the service is understandable given the year and the assignment. You can find additional information about Gordon Parks from this story by Keith Powers. Enjoy your stroll through Memory Lane.

Rocky Neck Polar Plunge Rings in New Year with Donations for The Open Door 

Cape Ann Community

From left: Organizer Cathy McCarthy with volunteers Robin Surette and Eileen Kelley collect food donations at the Rocky Neck Polar Plunge on Sunday, Jan. 1. (Photo Courtesy of The Open Door)

The Rocky Neck Polar Plunge rang in the new year with a splash on Sunday, collecting 512 pounds of food and $1,740 in donations for The Open Door.

The annual tradition, coordinated since 2006 by Gloucester residents Cathy McCarthy and Jeff Surette with the help of a small group of volunteers, encourages locals to take a brisk dip in the water at Oakes Cove Beach on Rocky Neck to kick off the new year while simultaneously collecting food donations for The Open Door.

People gather for the 2023 Rocky Neck Polar Plunge at Oakes Cove Beach in Gloucester.
(Photo Courtesy of The Open Door)

This year, McCarthy and Surette also partnered with Gloucester 400 to kick off the beginning…

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